On Being Adults & Future Planning

by Maggie Griffin

'Old Couple' by Dimitris Gangos

from theamazingshrinkingwoman.com

Byron and I are coming up on our 1st anniversary. This year has been excellent. We love marriage. We love being best friends. And we like the idea of looking like the couples above in 80 years. That's right, we shall both surpass 100. 

Our recent conversations have been about what's next for us. Where do we want to go? What do we want to do? Where do we want to live? What do we want our house to look like? When is the right time to get our 3rd puppy? 

We are also figuring out the right now: how to be adults and organize our finances and important documents together, how to be adults and go to necessary doctor check-ups and appointments, how to set and stick to a budget & etc. (Overarching theme: how to be adults.)

How do you organize your life? 
How did you become a thriving adult?
What do you look forward to with your spouse?

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TOMS: a love story

by Maggie Griffin

I hitched a ride on the TOMS bandwagon early. Thanks to my big sis, Kendal, I learned what was college-popular before hitting my campus. Then, in a span of two years, I had acquired 8 pairs. Woof...obsessed, much?

Time rolled around when I needed to apply for jobs and such. I remember my eldest sister Alix asking me what I would wear to interviews and such...apparently, my college clothing choices were not setting me up for success.  I took a break from TOMS...I needed to. I moved on and got some wardrobe cred by refining my shopping skills. I moved from hipster/granola/comfy to modern, chic, sophisticated (false). I have immersed myself in "the real world" for two years, and what I have learned is absence makes the heart grow fonder.

True, I am over t-shirts and nike shorts as a daily uniform, but oh, how my heart explodes for TOMS again...they too, just like me, have grown and their new products are, like me, modern, chic, and sophisticated. I am back in love with TOMS, and this is my wishlist...too bad I have nothing to celebrate at the moment. 

A few years back, they expanded their product line to include sunglasses; they have just recently expanded again into coffee, including a special espresso blend. You all know how I feel about that...yippee! They also have begun collaborating with other smaller businesses to feature products whose sales do good in their "Marketplace." I featured my favorites from the jewelry & accessories (1/ 2/ 3), and home goods (4/ 5/ 6) categories...and then THE SHOES. I cannot wait for warmer weather and showing off my feet. (I love my feet and I am convinced I should be a foot model.) Are you all loving their new stuff as much as me??

From now until March 31st, you can get $10 off a purchase of $65 or more! WHAT?! Use code MADMARCH at checkout! Happy Spring, everybody!

What's New : Him & Her Edition

by Maggie Griffin

Greetings readers! & HAPPY SPRING!

Thank you all so much for caring about us and checking in with us to see what's going on in our lives. It is fun to keep you all informed, and it is so much fun to get your loving feedback. Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives and for being part of ours. 

Now, for what's NEW:

She colored her hair for the first time...ombre style to stay young and hip.
(Also new: apparently selfies...how embarrassing!)

He  has found a love for americanos...what a MAN, right?!

(Byron edit: Pictured below are actually mochas. He didn't want you all to be duped by me, so he preferred I make the confession. Also, if you drink mochas, he thinks that is not manly, but still does it himself. But he really is into americanos now. And he still indulges in 'girly' drinks on weekends and after hard days at work.)

She finished her Spring line for Magpie Writes (available here) and has a big project in mind for the near future...stay tuned!

He got into cycling/biking. He got a mountain bike at the end of last year and befriended a mountain biking buddy who he rides with on the weekends. During the week, he has been riding on his single speed (until he can get a "real" road bike) and loving it. He has a new app where he can send her tracking info so she can watch him ride from the comfort of the couch. She is not allowed to post pictures of him in his riding gear. WOMP.


She found a new drink -- chai tea latte! She prefers it iced. She is trying to cut back on spending money, and this one is pretty easy to make at home with a very similar taste!

He was sucked into 'Believe' and 'Resurrection.' Those mid season premieres got to him!  Way to go, NBC & ABC. Granted, both shows have only aired twice, and they come on at the same time now, and neither of us have a great track record of keeping up with new shows...but here's hoping! 

The new thing we share is betting...(yikes!) We have a point system for The Amazing Race: All Stars weekly eliminations. It is amazing. Byron is brilliant and a much better better (whoa!) than me, but we are only 4 episodes in and it is gonna get CRAZY!

What's new with you?!