Shocked, But Sure

by Maggie Griffin

On November 24, Byron and I had a delightful dinner together after returning to Waco from being with our families for Thanksgiving. Per usual, we went to the nearby Target for a post-date walk. But the items that made it to check-out were quite unusual. Two at-home pregnancy tests and a set of 3 little Christmas birds. On our way out, we ordered two hot chocolates to-go; I had a test to take and a bladder to fill.

Not quite ready for what may happen when the test revealed its lines, we both read the full instructions on each package. Given that this was our first time to take a pregnancy test, we bought two different brands to offer us more information and assurance either way. After sipping the last drops of hot cocoa, and a full mug of water to boot, I filled a little glass jar. We dipped two tests in the fluid, one of each brand. We did our best to not look and leave the room, but a positive sign immediately appeared on one of the tests. We forced ourselves out of the bathroom and set a timer for three minutes. Three long minutes later we re-entered to see a positive sign on one test and two lines on the other - both indicating that inside me a life-changing process had been set in motion.

Even though deep down I had already known what the tests would say, we couldn’t quite believe what these tests were telling us. We were, at the same time, shocked but sure. A new reality that we could take on the names ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’ that two were becoming three, that we had a completely new family dynamic, was settling in. Ever the information seeker, I was determined to meet with a doctor as soon as I could to be 100% confident in what these tests had revealed.

I called on Monday morning, offering the details I knew to the doctor and was set to come in the following Monday. I started googling every question that popped in my mind and downloaded The Bump app. I figured out how to track how far along I was and could now “see” the little baby with the app’s 3D tool. All the information I saw and the nausea, exhaustion, and soreness that arrived continued to confirm what our at home tests said: I’m pregnant.

IMG_5365 copy.jpg

twenty eight

by Maggie Griffin

Did you know that I once dreamed of being a blogger? 

Yes, back when blogs were more of a novelty and blogging an unlikely career to aspire to, I had great plans of creating content, taking pictures of every day life, and sharing it with the world. I was mostly inspired by Love Taza and A Beautiful Mess. I would check their pages everyday for DIY ideas, lifestyles to idolize, and plans to fill my post-grad life.  My favorite type of posts were wish lists and buyers guides - they reminded me of the delightful scene in 13 Going on 30 where Jennifer Garner crafts that amazing scrapbooked board to pitch her idea for the redesign of the magazine. Those posts launched a series of Christmas and Birthday wish lists that I would provide to my mom, mostly so I could digitally craft these mood boards of things I wanted. 

As I look back on some of the posts, it's fun to see the things I wanted at different periods of lie and how my style and hobbies have changed. With my twenty eighth birthday quickly approaching (and a pledge to my mom to blog more. Hi, Mom!), I decided to return to my love of visual wishlist creation. 



1. Making It Up As I Go Tee, Chipper Thing
2. Open Front Sweater Blazer, J. Crew
3. The Transport Rucksack, Madewell
4. Leather Mules, TOMS
5. Karis Chunky Scoop Necklace, 31 bits
6. Meggs' History of Graphic Design
7. The Design of Dissent
8. Signs of Resistance

As I approach 28, I find myself looking for classic, timeless, and neutral pieces and books that continue to educate me about the job I fell into and love - graphic design. 


Demo Day!

by Maggie Griffin

I never thought I'd be happy at the sight of a dumpster at my house...


After our loan closed, we had an unrealistic expectation that demo would start the next day; once reality set in, we impatiently began waiting. A dumpster appeared, and we waited some more, this time with more expectation. Various permits, reports, and foundation tests were filed, sent in, and taken and still, we wait...

...but, our contractor, knowing how anxious we were for progress, sent his crew into the house this past week and began our interior demo!

Signing paperwork is a serious step, but when you see layers and LAYERS of wallpaper and actual walls coming down, the process becomes REAL. We are still waiting to get the go-ahead to start work on the new addition...which is going to take the 'REAL' feeling up to a new level. Until then, we are happily living with the knowledge that this thing is really happening. 

Here we are celebrating DEMO DAY! "Demo Day" in Waco has a whole new meaning thanks to local HGTV stars, Chip and Jojo, and it truly is everything they made it out to be! When we saw the drywall EVERYWHERE and the walls stripped down, it felt like we had finally begun this crazy before/after renovation + addition journey we are going on. 

SO many wallpapers have been discovered. Our contractor texted me, jokingly asking if he should salvage these; he went to so far as tell me he had conferred with Byron who wanted this for our family room. 

On the first day of demo, we walked in to the above. All the wallpapers and paneling had been ripped off the walls of our first floor living space. The biggest change we saw on day 1 was the removal of a dropdown that had been installed to cover airducts. It used to be visible right in the middle of the space and it made our spaces feel so small. With it gone, our space immediately felt more open. It was a very small taste of what is to come and WE. CAN'T. WAIT. 

On Day 2, the walls came down! There was a wall with an arched passthrough that used to separate our kitchen and living space. GONE. There also used to be a second arch that separated the entryway/living space from the kitchen. GONE. Speaking of the kitchen, it's all GONE. This change was SHOCKING. I noticed it even before we walked in through our front door window. 


In just two days, we saw the plans we received in December unfolding before our eyes. This process has been a long one, but we are excited and ready for it to continue! 

Plans for a Future

by Maggie Griffin

In May 2015, we bought our home with our sights set on the future, a future that three years later is SLOWLY becoming the present. At the time of purchase, our home was the perfect size for a couple two years into marriage, with thoughts of kids in the far off distance. As we began to near five years of marriage, those thoughts weren't so far away anymore. Last year, we started to think about the potential of a little one running around our house with two big dogs and the house began to fill cramped. In December, we hired an architect to help us dream about what we could turn our little house into and the plans blew us away - it was so much more than we had imagined. 

GRIFFIN Renovation Plans.jpg

Our hope was for a master bedroom and one more additional bedroom on our second floor, and within 24 hours, our architect emailed us the above plans with... a mudroom. a pantry. a patio. a walk-in closet. space for a soaker tub. AND MORE. 

We lived in the dream state of these plans for several months, both of us hesitant and unwilling to begin calling contractors, knowing that it would begin the daunting, exhausting process of renovation. But, wanting these plans to become reality, we... finally made the calls, interviewed contractors, applied for our loan, picked a contractor, worked with the contractor, started moving out of our house, found a temporary place to live, had the contractor back out, lost our motivation to move out of our house, put the loan on hold, called contractors backed, picked a new contractor, felt relieved, reactivated the loan, signed a contract, moved the rest of our stuff to storage, and closed on our loan!!! 

Now we wait for the city and the structural engineer to sign off and approve everything.  We'll move one more time in a few weeks into another temporary location until the house is complete. We can't wait to throw a big party when all is said and done...maybe Halloween, potentially Friendsgiving, most likely Christmas. 

While it's only been 7 months since we first received our plans, it feels like we've been waiting on this process to start forever. We are so excited for "demo day" and to share updates along the way. What would you like to see? What else would you like to know about our renovation process? Let me know in the comments!






100 Days of Blogging: Days 15-21

by Maggie Griffin

The spring to summer transition, especially for a teacher and university employee, is such a sweet season. We never seem to establish a routine, but this week, a few consistencies have allowed us to settle into this slower pace of life, offering us a chance to savor this period of time. 

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100 Days of Blogging: Days 9-14

by Maggie Griffin

While lying in bed one night last week, both on our phones in classic millennial style, Byron, checking in our bank account, asked me "What is this $ squarespace charge?" (To be clear, the $ is a stand in for a specific dollar amount, not an expletive), to which I responded "the annual domain charge for our blog." He then, appropriately, responded "You don't even use the blog anymore." I let him in on my personal writing challenge, but haven't blogged since. Here is my post to correct my wrong, get back on track, and prove B wrong! 

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