100 Days of Blogging: Day 3

by Maggie Griffin

Well, Year 4, we've reached the end. 

In the last year, Byron and I road-tripped from Texas to Nantucket, exploring the country along the way. We celebrated my sister's wedding in Alabama. We partied hard with Uncle Buck in Louisiana.  We saw the original rules of basketball in Kansas.

My position at Baylor moved to full-time. Byron started his Master's and moved into a new position at his school. I brought my calligraphy business out of a year-long hiatus. 

We ate delicious food. We drank delicious drinks. 

We learned more, laughed more, and loved more.

 Enjoying our anniversary pie last year: the beginning of year 4. 

Enjoying our anniversary pie last year: the beginning of year 4. 

As each year comes and goes in our marriage, I am amazed at how much we have packed into our time together. And even with all the adventures, the days at home, sharing a meal and swapping stories of our days are my favorite moments. As we were cooking dinner on Monday, laughter filled the kitchen as we tried to finish each other's sentences. That's the stuff you don't think about on your wedding day that becomes the heart of the marriage. 

Marriage has been the sweetest gift and I'm excited to start Year 5! 




100 Days of Blogging: Day 2

by Maggie Griffin

I did it! I've found time to grab a seat in front of this computer screen and put fingers to the keyboard and welcome you into our life for two consecutive days! I've definitely got that in the W column for today. And with that said, today I'll share the ups and downs, our W and L column. 

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100 Days of Blogging: Day 1

by Maggie Griffin

Life moves so quickly, but here I am again, this time with a challenge to myself. Simply, to blog for 100 days. ... This little challenge is for me: an ode to an old dream and a chance to continue to share our journey for which I am so grateful.

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Hello...from the other side!

by Maggie Griffin

It's been a while since we've sat across from each other. You on your screen, me on mine. It's good to be with you again! Right now, I'm writing to the sounds of laundry going, to the scent of our latest Blue Apron meal, and with the ambiance of a flickering candle bringing peace to a messy place.

Happy hat-wearing strawberry-picking Griffins. 

Towels with muddy dog paws, school supplies, tennis balls, newspapers with half done sudokus, laundry waiting to be done and ironed...our house is filled to the brim right now. And for the most part, it's also filled to the brim with happiness. My last post was about buying our house and rooting ourselves in Waco. Over a year later, our roots and our happiness continue to grow. 

I have plans to write fuller posts on all the developments over the past year, but here's a short and sweet list to hold you over until then...

- more animals
- new roles at work
- new hobbies and passions
- more travel
- projects around the house 

There is so much joy shared between us, shared in the home we've been in for over a year, shared in the city we love. And it is such a joy to share our lives with you.

It's good to be back. XOXO, the Griffins. 


Home Heartache

by Maggie Griffin

Good news! Byron and I have (finally) decided to place our roots in Waco and stick around for the foreseeable future. We are both happy with our current jobs, excited about how those could change and grow, and ready to accept new challenges and responsibilities in our roles. We can't imagine life without UBC and those who worship within its walls. We love how Waco is growing and the new businesses coming into town. We want to be here and we want to find a house to call our own. 

Recently, we thought we had done that. We were extremely excited about the potential of this house and even more thrilled with its location, offering us neighbors that we already call good friends. After some negotiation our offer was accepted! Then came the homework period, which affected our feelings about our offer. We returned to the negotiating table looking for help to truly make this the place we desired, and we couldn't come to an agreement. We terminated the contract. 


These are the times when we, both the babies of our families, feel like true grown-ups. We are learning that house hunting is a process full of tough conversations and decisions that will not always end with a happily ever after. Walking away from something that in just a short week consumed much of our thinking and dreaming was extremely difficult. It felt like we lost something. And that was tough.  (We ate our grief in the form of Sprinkles cupcakes.)  

But, the dreaming we did this past week was so fun and we aren't giving that up. We are looking at more homes this week thinking about what will happen within the walls and what stories and memories will unfold. 

We are excited and hopeful to feel even better and more sure about a house, but now we enter our negotiations with caution and the knowledge that things might not work out. Lesson learned. 

How did you find your home? How many houses did you look at before you found the one?

 Tell us your stories! We really want to hear from you!