What is Frozen Cake?

As we wait for the top tier of our amazing wedding cake to thaw, Byron and I (Maggie) are embarking on this great adventure of marriage and we know one thing--we know nothing.

Everything is ours to learn.

From cooking to cleaning to sharing space to sharing clothes, from buying groceries to buying websites to figuring out pet peeves and finding out new little and lovable quirks, we have absolutely everything to learn. We could not be more excited. Join us along the way--laughing, crying, traveling, eating, drinking, hosting, sharing it all with you. 

Here's what you can expect from this blog:

  • memoir-ish type posts as we go
  • fun recipes, based off our catastrophic kitchen adventures
  • osting and party ideas 
  • lots of pictures!
  • monthly check-ins with the couple
  • home decorating triumphs and tribulations