Babysitting in the Desert

by Maggie Griffin

When offered a five day trip to sunny Palm Desert in the middle of October on the condition of babysitting the world's most adorable go!  

Last Wednesday Byron's mother, sister & brother-in-law & niece left for an annual mortgage/lender's conference.

...Last Wednesday, Byron and I jetted off with them to relax in the land of palm trees and sun! 

Though we were there to babysit during the conference, we were able to do so much more--it was terrific! On day 1, we played hookie upon landing and took off with my best friend Kaytlyn, who was SO SWEET to drive to pick us up and drive us out to the desert. Leaving my vegetarian ways behind, I embraced CALI and we darted to In-N-Out for a burger & shake! I cannot go on about how wonderful it was to spend time with this lady! Six months ago, she was holding up my wedding dress so I could pee, adjusting my train, and handing me Byron's ring. We haven't seen each other since! Golly, I love this girl. She dropped us off in the desert, stayed to play for the day, and trekked back to nanny the next morning. She is a keeper. 

The next two days, we resumed our babysitting roles. Babysitting is enjoyable. Babysitting in California is AMAZING.  

Thursday & Friday went like this: 

  • snuggle with Charlotte & take her on a walk to the resort lobby, home to a full-service Starbucks and live birds! Look HOW sweet! 
  • Lunch...either reserve spots for the conference crew or go out for a bit.
  • Charlotte naps; we relax (my favorite relaxation times were the ones by the pool!)
  • Hang out a bit on our own, pick up dinner for C, and chill while she sleeps!

How perfect!  

Favorite activities included: babysitting (duh!), shopping on El Paseo (the Rodeo Drive of Palm Desert), reading in bed & by the pool, and more shopping! The sweet pups below are from Cold Nose, Warm Heart! Byron and I dropped by this store to pick up goods from our new pup (blog on Bixby coming soon!). Byron was reading "Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know" and looked just like a puppy himself one evening. I was reading "The Obamas" & "Jesusland" by the pool. It wasn't awful. 

This was by far the best babysitting gig ever. Thank you Charlotte for being adorable. Thank you Lindsay & Ryan for trusting us with your little one and inviting us. Thank you BeeGee for all the fun! 

I love traveling the world with Byron...we have already had so many adventures this year, and I can't wait for years packed full of more!