5 Months Down, Forever to Go

by Maggie Griffin

I must say that this month has been my favorite. I have a feeling that I will be saying that for months and years to come. Marriage just keeps getting better. Especially for Byron and I, who have not really been together all that long, each month we learn more about each other, communicate better, and have more fun! When we do the math, this month marks something pretty fantastic. We have now been married longer than we were engaged. And our months engaged + months being married now = our months dating! Woo! Altogether, it's been an amazing 18 months and we are excited to continue sharing our journey with all you readers!

Q: Favorite moment of the fifth month?

M: I just love Byron. I really do. He is very supportive of me. Both of us change our minds all the time about what we want to do and pursue in the future...but when we are passionate about something, we each encourage the other and help when we can. I started work again this month and Byron came along with me on (a very hot & giant mosquito filled) block walk to advertise for our after school program. What a trooper! This example represents my favorite moments this month--the ones that were full of support, encouragement and love.    

B: There is a group at our church focused on married couples without kids called "Hitched." This month, there were two "Hitched" dinners that we had a blast at. It helps us to feel a little bit older, and it has been fun to get to know so many similar people. This is a group that we are just getting into so we are meeting lots of new people we haven't really been more than acquaintances with before now. 

Q: What is something new you have learned about your spouse?

M: Byron is a family man. He is deeply impacted by all the big and little things that go on with his family. I knew this, but some hard things have been going on in our families, and Byron's heart and compassion have been the sweetest thing to witness. 

B: Her obsession for online shopping has picked up this month... 

Q: What is one life lesson you have gained from "married life?"

M: Communication is key. In life. In everything. There were a few moments this month where a bit more communication, and especially clear communication would have spared us some not so glamorous moments. In all relationships, communication is key. Tell people how you feel and be honest and don't be scared to bring up confrontational things. We aren't terrible at communicating, but we can always be better. 

B: It is better to do things that you don't want to do instead of talking about it forever. Example: we have had strings of lights we have been meaning to hang up for the 2 months we've been in the house. We always talked about it but never accomplished it. We finally got around to hanging them as well as a few other things and we were very satisfied with our productivity. 

Q: What project/hope do you share this month?

M: This past month, our home group, has been coming over every Monday to share what's going on with their lives and share a treat. This month, I want to continue to make fun dishes and open up our house even more for guests to enjoy it! 

B: I got back into photography this past month and have also applied for a few jobs, so I want to take ten unique portraits of different people and have coffee/meetings with potential employers. 

Q: Three words for the fifth month:

M: Community, caffeinated, (fun) work. 

B: Espresso, backyard, school.