Wish Lists for the Griffs

by Maggie Griffin

Recently, both our mommas requested our lists for Christmas!

As I have said before, I always think it's fun to know what people want/what inspires them/what makes them materially happy. I also think it is fun to create visual lists. So, take a look at what the Griffins are asking for this year...

I'm up first. My side of the family has the tradition of a 3-gift Christmas. We have been doing this for about 10ish years? Wow, time flies! In a later post, we will be sharing about our traditions and I will expand more on this at that time! Anyway, I divided my list into a top 3, favorite stores that I would love anything from, and some items I always appreciate! I have been a book monster these days, gobbling up title after title, enjoying all the words and stories of people, fictitious and not. I have also been wearing more jewelry lately, and would not mind expanding my collection, and of course, I love decorating our house!

My super simple spouse had a tiny list this year, making it so difficult for the rest of us who want to shower him with love through gifts. I admire him for being so completely content that the creation of this list was a stretch! As noted by the asterisk, he made a word document, and I crafted his visual list, with added flare and pizazz. 

Also, since we are the married couple we are, I felt like we should make a list of things we, The Griffins, would enjoy! 

I hope that you have loved this little peek into our life through our gift lists! What are you asking for?