Q & A with the Bride & Groom

by Maggie Griffin

May the Fourth, be with us always and forever.

Q: Favorite part of day?

B: The moment right after we got married and recessed to the hallway--our first moment, the very first split second together as a married couple. And then all of our best friends joined us. I loved it.

M: Being surrounded by loved ones. I loved looking out into the audience, seeing so many faces from different points and places of our lives, all there to celebrate us and shower us with support. It was a humbling and honoring moment. 

Q: What do you remember very vividly?

B: The feelings I was having when standing on stage: feelings of joy, of being lucky, and growing up all mixed in a single moment.

M: I remember our first dance so well. I kept trying to plan and talk his ear off about the rest of the night's schedule and he told me to stop. "We are dancing. We are married. Enjoy this." And just like that, the moment changed; we were together in a very new and wonderful way, just dancing, suspended in time. 

Q: What flew by too quick?

B: The ceremony itself. The rehearsal was longer. It was like it was happening in fast forward.

M: The mingling of the guest tables. Too much catching up to do, not enough time!

Q: Who were your MVPs?

Byron's MVPs
Ryan ironed everything for all the guys. 
Molly for keeping us on schedule.
Toph for keeping everything light hearted.

Maggie's MVPs
Kaytlyn kept me completely calm and hydrated and allowed me to pee (so very difficult to do in such a large dress!).
Maria had unbelievable knowledge of the catering company and knew what to do when. 
My bridesmaids as a whole made me feel amazing and completely stress free

Q: Three words to describe the day?

B: Euphoria? (His voice went up when he said it so I had to add the questions mark but he is sure). Warm fuzzies.

M: best. happiest. ever.