easier said than done

by Maggie Griffin

Our wedding was amazing. Absolutely wonderful. Extremely beautiful. Perfect.
All the details we spent a frantic four months overwhelming ourselves with magically worked themselves out.
It all came together. And we arrived. And then we were married.

Marriage : something difficult
Weddings : the phrase "easier said than done"

While we wanted our wedding to reflect what our marriage would look like, like most couples do, it could only do that to a certain amount.
Our wedding reflected the knowledge of all of life's difficulties and delights and our promise to face them together and faithfully.
Making that promise is no small thing, but it is quite easy to say when your love is sure and strong.
Beginning to fulfill that promise is not as easy.

After our perfect wedding, we were married. And we were off on our mini-moon to ATX.

25 miles into our car ride after sighing over how perfect everything was, commenting on all the details, reminding each other who so and so was, staring at the new rings on our fingers--we had a small (ridiculous) tiff about how the rest of the night would go. Our marriage had surely begun. And it felt right. It felt just as perfect for us to have a small disagreement on our way to our mini-moon, as perfect as all the details from the reception .

The fun part of marriage, I have discovered, is that immediately there is more to life--more to be thankful for, more to argue about, more stuff, more clothes, more memories, more opportunities to practice love and grace and patience. There is work that comes when there is more but it is very,very fun work.

Marriage, easier said than done. And we don't mind one bit.