mini-moon synopsis

by Maggie Griffin

When people learned that our wedding was on May 4th, they immediately asked if we were ultra nerdy Star wars fans.
I (Maggie) haven't even seen them. (Byron was adamant about adding the extra clarification about who is authoring this post as not to be judged.)
But yes, we are super nerdy.
Case in point: our favorite part of the mini-moon was visiting the state Capitol and purchasing a coffee table book suited to our tastes: him, a photographic journey of Bush's eight years in office; me, a documented journey of people with different faiths in Texas. 

Fun fact:
The Griffins, now including me, plan vacations around food. Thus, we mapped out where we wanted to eat and then did our traveling based off that location.

Our mini-moon, in order, sparing you some details:
Coal Vines (M accidentally dropped our pizza, we scored free dessert!)
State Capitol! (Sat in on the House doing some work...interesting to see government work.)
Lambert's, highly recommend
Room service dessert
Breakfast at hotel
Book people