waken to what's important

by Maggie Griffin

Being married means that someone is constantly invading your space. Being married also means that you welcomed that person to do so.

One of my favorite parts thus far of this invitation I have extended to my spouse to watch me all the time--how I respond and react, how I deal with stress and anger, how I fumble through life--is that I now have someone else's opinion on how to do life better. And I have someone to watch and prompt me towards introspection as well.

In each of these situations, I waken to what is important. My husband allows me to stop freaking out, stop stressing out, stop overreacting, stop over-planning, pause, breath, rest in what's true and important. 

Even though we are so very young and marriage might seem like a huge choice for a pair in their early 20's, we are so happy to have welcomed each other into every moment of life. We are made better because of it.

I realize now that even before getting married it was extremely important to invite people in, to be vulnerable, to allow people watch you at your worst. Community is a necessity. Without others, we only have ourselves to guide us; we need others in a very intimate way to help us see ourselves in a new light, to waken us to what's important. I'm lucky not only to have B around, but to have a special community of people as well who are honest, genuine light-bearers who make this world a wonderful place.