how to have fun in the kitchen, or our first adventure in skillet seasoning and poaching with beer

by Maggie Griffin


A few months ago, I got super excited about domesticity and being an excellent food planner and budgeting well and not wasting money and coming up with amazing recipes. That energy came after successfully folding a fitted sheet, so it was a little bit like being under the influence.

What I am now realizing is
that most things in the kitchen do not go as planned,
that try as I may to meal-plan, food will still go bad and
that try as I may to be prepared, back up plans are always necessary.

After unpacking all of our fancy new kitchen gadgets and cooking gear, we rearranged all the cabinets to fit and make sense, and we sat back with cookbooks in hand, hungry stomachs and thought "what now?"

What now to do? Clean all that new stuff. Or put it off. We chose the latter. We will clean and figure it out as we go.

PSA: Maggie is a naturally & ethically-raised meat only vegetarian, Byron is a happy go lucky husband who is willing to try new things.


Fast forward to our first experience cooking meat together. We found hot italian sausage at our local farmer's market and I immediately dreamed up a pseudo- meatball sub, as Byron dubbed it. I was ready to use our new cast iron skillet, knowing full well it needed to be seasoned. A small misunderstanding about seasoning threw off our plan completely. I was devastated.

Now, for the fun part. We turned it around; made a complete 180; turned this little kitchen trial into a triumph!

Here's how:
1. Always resort to Google, the all knowing, kitchen-qualm-fixing cookbook. This is how we discovered poaching as an alternative to the skillet.
1. Incorporate alcohol into what you think is a disaster. We poached with beer. Classic.
3. Work together! Being in the kitchen is always more fun with someone else!
4. Don't worry, you are in a kitchen, possibilities are endless. Resort to #1 again, if necessary.
5. Enjoy! (Bon appetite, hopefully!) Whether or not your meal is delicious, enjoy the adventure!