Seattle Q&A with the Honeymooners

by Maggie Griffin

Byron and and I are on the Amtrak train on our way to PDX, our second honeymoon destination. He just noted that it was extremely quiet on the train, making it the perfect time to update you all on our vacation thus far. We had a great time in Seattle and are excited to explore all that the Portland area has to offer.


Q: Favorite part of Seattle?

B: Puget Sound. Because it was beautiful. Duh.

M: I am a sucker for a good market. Our hotel looked straight down on the market and we were able to walk to the original Starbucks and grab pastries from a market bakery within 10 minutes. Plus, we could then sit and look out at the ferries which I had a small obsession with...thank you Grey's Anatomy.

Q: Favorite moment of the trip?

B: I loved watching Maggie freak out about the otters at the aquarium. Once upon a time she cried over a puppy carrying a newspaper and her love for small animals is just about the sweetest thing. She didn't cry, but it was still adorable. I also loved a fancy dinner we had last evening at the Metropolitan Grill. We got dressed up, got free desert (I love being a newlywed), and got the best waiter from PDX, who gave us his picks for the rest of our trip!

M:  I absolutely adored our hotel view. That may sound silly, but it was gorgeous. I was able to see my favorite parts of Seattle and rest beside Byron. Last evening, before our fancy dinner, we sat on the balcony of our hotel, soaking up the rays that the Seattle forecast surprised us with, breathing in the same air that our otter friends share, relaxing and enjoying the present. Mmm. Favorite moment.


Q: How is your spouse as a travel buddy?

B: She's good. More adventurous than I am. She pushes me to do things and go places I wouldn't normally go.

M: He pushes me to be a planner and decision maker, which I hate...but am thankful for because I find that I am more assertive and independent now. He is extremely easy-going and is up for anything, which I love!

Q: Three words to describe the honeymoon at the halfway point?

B: Ill*. Sight-seeing. Eating.

M: Caretaker. Exploring. Caffeinated.

*Poor, sweet Byron became ill within two hours of our arrival to Seattle. After settling in our room, I immediately led us downhill towards the market. After peeking around at the vendors and becoming semi-acquainted with what everyone had to offer, we had lunch at the Athenian, inside the market, made famous by the scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Tom Hanks has a conversation with Rob Reiner about getting back in the dating game (we sat in those exact seats!). I was immediately ready for some Northwest Pacific fish, but fishwiches did not up being the best choice for one of us. After feeling a little funky, we made our way back to the room, and Byron stayed there for about 48 hours. :(


Off to Portland we go!