Portland Q&A! plus honeymoon wrap up!

by Maggie Griffin

As I write this, we are in a holding pattern above the DFW metroplex. We should land in a hour...our fingers are crossed. I don't often mind airplane delays, realizing that things breakdown and don't work and we are all subject to Mother Nature's inclination for each day, but when I am done with a trip, I am done. I want to put my feet on some ground and do more silly married things. Honeymoons most certainly get the newlywed couple excited for whatever this marriage thing is, and we are most certainly excited to do some more figuring out together. One thing we realized over our trip is that we haven't a clue what our marriage will be like. We know our parents, our grandparents, our friends, but each is its own, each completely different, and we have joined the club of couples not knowing, figuring out, being married. We want to be on land, married and happy. (Plane, land soon, please.)

Q: Favorite part of Portland?

B: All the places that harbors creativity like Beam and Anchor, Tanner Goods, Poler Outdoor Stuff, etc. It was very inspiring and fueled my desire to learn crafts. Also I loved the rain and all the green that it brought. Close second: Multnomah Falls and the impromptu hike to the top of the falls.

M: I love the homey feel of the Hawthorne District (the neighborhoods are gorgeous and welcoming), but the small amount of time we spent around Washington Park was my favorite area, coupled with anywhere located near a good coffee shop.

Q: Favorite moment of the trip?

B: Pulling the trigger on my boots (Broken-Homme Davis boots).

M: As I have said before, I am a planner, and it is hard for me to really take in a moment, breathe deep, and embrace what is before me. This trip, and having Byron by my side, allowed me to enjoy moments more fully, being more present in them. There were several moments where we were walking the streets and holding hands, and of the whole trip, those are my favorites. One specifically, was being held, and nuzzling closer at the top of Multnomah falls. I will hold firm to my belief that there is some correlation between elevation and elation.

Q: Best meal of the trip?

B: Tasty N Alder

M: Agreed. Confession: I was a TOTAL carnivore on this trip. Last night, we ate at this family-style joint that listed what farms their meat came from, (As B found out, that ounce of knowledge plus a quick google search is all it takes for me to order it.) homemade everything and mixed flavors like that adorable Ratatouille. PDX restaurants, I love your use of local vendors and market foods! We feasted on bread and butter, grilled asparagus, yellow potatoes, whole, not mashed, he, the ribeye steak, I the apple brined pork chop, served on a cornbread/pancake-esque delicacy. And I topped off my meal with a "grown ass milkshake," check the website, I am not lying.

Q: Three words to describe the honeymoon...

B: Beautiful. Inspiring. Relaxing.

M: New. Educational. Delightful.

Q: Is the honeymoon phase over? 

B: No (shakes head).

M: NEVER. Not now, anyway!

Landed! (With enough service to post.) Pictures to come soon!