small celebrations

by Maggie Griffin

It is important, I believe, that life is filled with as many small celebrations as possible. So, please rejoice with us, and pump a fist (just like the Breakfast club ending montage), for our tiny hurrah! moments of the past few days:

Faster running computer!
Silly online flash sales!
We only snoozed a half hour this morning, waking up at 6:30!
Two mornings of breakfast! And coffee!
Haven't had to grocery shop this week!
We went on a small date!
Tiny creative/professional mini-jobs for us both!
We showered today!
A clean house!
A small blog post!

Things are a bit crazy in the world of the Griffins. Life is teaching us everyday just how fragile she can be. We are doing our best to soak up her sweetness, so we are all about these little cheers-worthy moments! Won't you celebrate with us, as we will with you? Drop a comment and share a tiny moment of joy you've experienced!