One Month Check-Up

by Maggie Griffin

Our marriage is like a little baby.

At first, people just want to hug us and admire us. We're together- a new thing - together in a new way - experiencing a new world. And people stare and coo and poke our cheeks.

Then, the first month rolls around and people want stats--how healthy are we, what percentiles and such are we in, what is our funniest quirk, what have we learned.


So, here we are to give them to you!

Q: What is something new you have learned about your spouse? about yourself?

B: I have learned that she is very fidgety. And I have learned that I kind of like cooking, or more like helping to cook.

M: I have learned that Byron is sillier than I thought. I have laughed more this month than ever before. What a winner. And I have learned that I am more like my parents than I knew. There have been moments here and there where I almost strangely feel like I am them, acting or speaking just like they would.

Q: What was your favorite moment from this month?

B: I like going to Multnomah falls with Maggie and conquering the hike with her.

M: My favorite moment was making a restaurant reservation under my new name while we were in Austin. It felt so weird and wonderful all at the same time.

Q: What has been surprising about marriage?

B: How differently people interact with us, I can't think of any examples, but it just feels different when people talk to us now.

M: How motivating it is. Marriage has changed how I think about and approach different tasks and how I interact with people. Being married, representing two people and a new family, makes me want to do my best and be sweeter and kinder and more loving.

Q: What is a pet peeve or loving quirk you have discovered?

B: I have learned that she gets frustrated by me falling asleep quickly, during naps or at night...and that she likes to poke me awake.

M: Byron loves "mom tv." There is a show in Waco called "Moms Everyday" that he has found a liking for, as well as morning shows like Kelly and Michael. Hysterical.

Q: What is your current dream together?

B: I just want to be doing things that satisfy us both individually and professionally and be in a city that we love.

M: Care for as many puppies as possible.