Come Sail Away

by Maggie Griffin

Oh, Nantucket, what a gem you are. Byron and I had a wonderful, long weekend on the island with his side of the family. Activities included shopping, eating, and relaxing. Not too shabby. If marriage is just traveling all the time, we couldn't be happier with our decision. Also, if our Nantucket career dreams of sailor and interior designer, specializing in nautical themes work out, we will have ear to ear smiles for all time. 

Rather than our normal Q&A, we will share five short stories & five photos, instead! Hope you enjoy!

1. Worst Night of Our Marriage

When I wrote about Byron getting food poisoning the first two days of our honeymoon, you probably all thought that our nights from then on would be simply blissful. FALSE. Readers, here me out, there is nothing worse than food ails + chiggers; luckily, these were not combined, we shared the load. On the morning of our departure, Byron woke up itching and scratching. He continued to do so on the airplane, the car, the ferry, and all through the night. His hands turned blue from his deeply dyed jeans--I kid you not. Chigger pup, as I lovingly referred to him from then on, decided that those awful little creatures attacked during a pull-over pit-stop on our road trip from Waco to Dallas, because Eleanor had to explode. Anywho, B took a benadryl and fell into a state of being "benadryunk". We went to sleep. I woke up, tummy churning. I rolled over, told him, "Byron, I have food poisoning." He mumbled, "Go to Sleep." 

So, I continued to get up throughout the evening, Byron continued to mumble feigned support. The worst. Luckily, I was better the next morning, and Byron, well, he still has chiggers, but we got lots of anti-itch cream.  

2. A Seal Named Eleanor

After the worst evening, we awoke and headed out in our rented Jeep Wranglers to da beach, the cold, windy, misty beach, in search of seals. WE FOUND THEM. Seals are ca-yute. The first one we saw poked his little old head up, and looked like an earless Eleanor bobbing in the ocean. We immediately began to call this seal Eleanor, much to Charlotte's (our 2.5 year old niece) dismay. She questioned us, "Eleanor? Where?" We continued to spot out little Eleanors all around the beach. Byron fearlessly approached one for an adorable picture!

3. When in Nantucket...

Wear monogrammed beach hats. Because you can. Our sweet sister-in-law, Elyse, got all the girls these super fun hats for the trip. If the wind would have cooperated, I would have worn it every minute of the trip. Byron even enjoyed wearing it a few times, "just to carry it for me."

Go to the beach. Duh. We did have a lovely, warm, sunny beach day on the island! The day after the rain came, we packed up chairs and towels and our hats and walked a short 15 minutes to a delightful little spot. Byron and I immediately dipped our feet in and explored, finding a small collection of shiny shells. Soaking up the sun was perfection. 

Shop! Nantucket is full of fun touristy and not touristy shops to attract and lure in the island's visitors. B and I picked up some clothing, memorabilia, and a vintage locket I adore. We visited a few antique stores and had dream purchases: his, a wall hanging of different types of carved whale figures; mine, a few 18th century mugs and a small silhouette piece. The memories we brought back are better.  

4. Family Ties

I am truly a part of the family. I felt more comfortable as a Griffin, moving and traveling and eating with the clan. I have felt a sort of kinship since the beginning (literally the beginning, Byron's and my first date was a 7 hour car ride to meet them!), but it definitely was strengthened and solidified this weekend, as I now unite with them in a new way, for a lifetime of adventures.

I am so grateful to now have two loving, supportive families. Families I can joke with and share with and be myself with--it is an honor and a delight! B and I are insanely blessed.

5. Honeymoon stage  

On the last evening of the trip, at the last supper (I use that phrase anytime I can), we all shared our high's and low's of our wonderful weekend getaway. After each person shared how much they loved being with everyone, I felt a little bit selfish for sharing my high of traveling around with just Byron for a few hours. He shared the sentiment as I asked him to weigh in on this post. We are loving being together, being married, being explorers. It has been a treat to enjoy so much of the country over the past few weeks, and to do it hand in hand has been the best. I adore the man I share my life with. 

Nantucket was a blast. We hope to return for several more family vacations!