A Tale of Two Weekends

by Maggie Griffin

For the first time since before our favorite day, the fourth of May, Byron and I were separated.

This weekend, in celebration of another friend's upcoming nuptials, Byron headed up to Lake Granbury (North TX) to spend three days and two nights with 11 boys. These boys are, for the most part, well-behaved and I only worried a bit that Byron would come back in one piece. To have a little fun of my own, I invited both of my sisters to come to Waco for a little girl's weekend. And thus, a tale of two weekends: 

Weekend One: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...but end up really doing nothing but eating and shopping. 

My sisters both arrived late Friday afternoon. Waco was Alix's last stop on a week-long trip across Texas to a wedding in Port Aransas to a new prosecuter's conference down in Austin. Kendal came down for a little bonding time and relaxation. We all met up at a collection of boutiques known as Spice Village. With shopping underway, we treated ourselves to frozen yogurt. We returned to spend time with sweet Eleanor and happened to stumble upon the Katy Perry Concert Movie on Netflix (which we all highly recommend, Eleanor included). Friday evening ended with pizza and Pitch Perfect. 

Saturday, we all woke up at different times, readied ourselves and walked over to the Farmer's Market. Alix tried a Waco favorite--Sergio's; Kendal came along for the ride; and I picked up our meat for the week and MACARONS FOR THE FIRST TIME! If you think I spelled that wrong...look here.  

 Two reasons why this is so special...  1. MACARONS. At the Farmer's Market. In WACO!   2. Byron doesn't love hats...when the cat is away, the mice will play. So cute, right?! 

Two reasons why this is so special...

1. MACARONS. At the Farmer's Market. In WACO! 

2. Byron doesn't love hats...when the cat is away, the mice will play. So cute, right?! 

Alix took off shortly after, while Kendal stayed for some extra shopping and a lunch date. I loved having my sisters in town! It is such a joy to have had great role models while growing up and make the change to great friends when we all reached adulthood (not that I have really reached it yet,... but you know). 

The rest of my weekend consisted of dumb, girly Netflix movies (nothing I can particularly recommend, except for the Katy Perry movie. Seriously. So good), leftover pizza, a little bit of blog productivity, and, of course, Eleanor snuggles.

We woke up Sunday morning, anxiously awaiting Byron's return. We went on a morning walk, headed to Starbucks, came home, listened to a UBC podcast, went shopping, and then--SUPRISE!--Byron walked in! I thought it was a break in but then my fear turned to complete joy! Our reunion was so very sweet! 

Weekend Two: Boys Will Be Boys 

(In Byron's words...mostly; paraphrased by his lovely wife). 

I drove up with Clark, (the other fellow joining the married men club in two weeks.) Everyone else arrived shortly after. We picked our rooms, looked over the house, which was covered with dead animals on the walls, and were content. We went out to look at the lake, which was, really, at most, a creek, that was actually very dry. Then we went to the #1 burger place in town called Grumpy's and we ate hamburgers. (The keg wasn't cold yet. It would be after.)

photo (1).png

We returned to the house, played some beer pong, and scream-sang our favorite songs from junior high and high school. It's not a bachelor party if the cops don't come once to tell you to be quiet... 

We woke up around noon the following day, some of the more domestic men made breakfast. After we woke up the stragglers, we went to the "beach," a manmade beach on a lake--Texas' best. 100's of people stared at us, the group of guys who were all a little bit too touchy with one another.  (At least we had clothes on this time!) We played whiffle ball, which was quickly hijacked by a bunch of kids, and a frisbee game called 'Jammerz', which was the hit of the bachelor party! That night, we went to a texmex place called Garcia's. Strangely...once we were seated, the surrounding tables vacated-perhaps we are a rowdy group?   BB gun competitions followed along with an evening similar to the one previous, with the addition of hot dogs. 

photo (2).png

Sleep. Wake up. Clean up. Go home. Surprise wife!  



My dad left. My mom stayed. My aunt's came. Not too much changed. I slept on the ground, on the bed, on the couch. Tried to sunbathe--Mom wouldn't have it. Ruff life.