Boxes Full of Stories

by Maggie Griffin

This is my current view. 

2013-07-25 18.21.44.jpg

As I was planning out the blogs for this month, I knew that this week would be full of moving posts and thoughts. Today, it was my hope to take pictures of our favorite items and explain why said items were so beloved. Those items are all in boxes; a mix of poor planning and not thinking things through all the way. But really it's not so much the item as it is the story. If all these boxes were to go up in flames or get damaged, things would be okay. (Pretty sure the latter could happen). It would really stink, but it would be OK.

I seem to always have this odd tension between an item and what that item means. 

I enjoy all the things that are packed away. I would describe my relationship with some fondly, using words like "treasure," "adore," "value." But they are just things. Earthly possessions. What I truly treasure, adore, and value are the people who gave me those things, the trips I purchased them on, the celebrations on which they were exchanged--the stories behind the items. Things are nice, but more often than not, the reason, the feeling, behind the thing is nicer. 


So, with our stories packed, we look forward to our new home, a place where we will display not only our own stories, but each other's, a place where two stories become one. After 6 years of consecutive moving, I have learned that the pain, stress, and hassle is forgotten as soon as I am able to unbox my things, my stories, and display them for my friends, family, and neighbors to see. And now, together, Byron and I will display all these meaningless things, with stories and memories so full of memories. It is an odd tension between the item and the story behind the item. As we move in, I hope that we are able to encourage each other not to get caught up in the decorating and the perfecting, but to rejoice in our stories merging.

When we do unpack, I hope to photograph some of the things in those boxes and tell you some of the stories that are all packed away right now.