Sweet Reminders

by Maggie Griffin

Byron and I have insanely talented friends. Our personal filmmaker, Jacob Kyle Robinson, is one. I had the idea to make a video for the wedding so that our friends and family could get to know us individually, get a feel for us as a couple, and get prepared for the wedding they were about to witness. It was a great success! Also, I remember standing outside in the hallway, listening to the giggles during Byron's parts and the awes during mine (typical responses for us), surrounded by my bridesmaids, my dad iPhoning pictures of us, peeking in to try to see it, and feeling so jittery and ready to walk in and begin the journey.

Man, oh man, how we cherish this video. Everyone spoke so highly of it as we mingled and talked with all of our guests. We were finally able to watch it for the first time on our mini-moon, and we instantly knew why it was spoken of with such high praise. I re-watch it (with tears) every time I feel especially cuddly/snuggly and married. Jacob--you outdid yourself; Byron and I are so incredibly grateful. 

While this is delightful and charming, you are probably wondering "where are the moving posts that were promised on Facebook?" Well, consider this moving post one, because:
1. The house we are moving to is featured in it! 
2. Moving is the worst, so this is a sweet reminder of our love before these next few days of crazy.