Favorite Meals of June

by Maggie Griffin

Our traveling did not stop in May, no no. The Griffins were once again out and about state hopping from Massachusetts and the island of Nantucket, to home in Texas,  to our neighboring state, Louisiana. Here and there both of us exercised our cooking skills and, during the last week of June, we were home each night for a meal that was planned a week in advance and executed to perfection...except one (more on that later). Earlier in June, I had hoped to use our new cast iron skillet, but was saddened to learn that it needed to be "cured." After a few more evenings of hoping to make a skillet meal, yet again being too lazy to cure previous to my craving, Byron manned up, stormed the kitchen and readied our skillet for use!

Skillet adventures so far have consisted of ravioli lasagna and potatoes things. Classics.


Our absolute favorite meal this month was crockpot fajitas, a favorite of mine from my hometown days. Each time we go to the farmer's market, we pick a meat for the week and go for it. I insisted on "fajita meat" at one vendor, dreaming up, and publicly salivating about this recipe. Huge success! Cannot wait to do this for our friends in the new house!

Honorable mentions: hasselback potatoes, via pinterest; summer vegetable pasta, via pinterest, ... & etc. Do you see a trend?

Now for my confession, my previously mentioned fail. 22 has been the year of pizza. I have no idea why but I crave it all the time. I think it has something to do with the pizza I get...pineapple + black olive. Do not bash it until you try it, haters. This pizza was established in "Central Perk," the humble abode of my best friend and I circa 2011-2012. We would indulge every once in a while, but when we stopped living together, it was like the pizza brought her back into whatever space I was in. So, Kayt, this one's for you...

I check A Beautiful Mess everyday, and recently they had a post about a stuffed crust skillet pizza. Yet again...public salivation. So, we were ready. I made up the dough, though it didn't quite look/feel right. I double checked the recipe and hoped that everything would work on during the "rising" process. It didn't. I threw a bit of a hissyfit. Byron, ever the comforter and supporter, suggested we add a bit more olive/water and try it again. I let it rise a bit longer, feeling much more elasticy, but when we tried to roll it out (me first, then Muscles Griffin), it just didn't flatten. There were no tears involved, but I did spell out a certain four letter word that I have never had enough guts/need/desire to say.

We had leftovers instead. WOMP.

One fail during meal plan week plus a disastrous attempt at queso, and I'd still say it was a success. For any of the recipes, check our Pinterest 'Meal Planning' board, or just ask in the comments. July, here we come!