A birthday in BIG D (and a fourth of July update!)

by Maggie Griffin

 Da Birfday Gurll

Da Birfday Gurll

Don't wish us Happy Birthday just yet!  Byron is a March baby, and I've got 2 months to go before the big 23. DO wish my sister Alix a very happy birthday. Alix is the bomb. She was with me when I was first super giddy about Byron and has loved him ever since. And Byron has loved her right back. 

We were unable to make it to her birthday dinner during the week, but we thought we would give her the greatest present of all...presence! 

But this all happened after  the fourth of July! 

This is our fourth of July update: Byron's friend Brad from College Station came up with his German Shepherd pup, George, also known as Eleanor's boyfriend. We went out to lunch together, then I left the boys alone to go to my friend Antonia's pool and soak up the gorgeous weather! I returned to the boys and we began a game of Scrabble, watched some Psych, went for dinner (though the boys snacked A LOT) and walked to the Waco Downtown fireworks spot! The fireworks malfunctioned, but it was still a lovely evening, and we LOVE when Brad comes to town! 

After the fourth we made our way up to Dallas to see our favorite birthday girl!  

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 2.32.53 PM.png

FRIDAY NIGHT: Eleanor had fun playing with her "cousin" Paxie. Paxie is a super small dog, which makes for hilarious playtime. Alix left us for a bit, but not before making us delicious guacamole and summer beer, the latter of which we did not get to enjoy due to a completely random explosion of her pitcher. After the summer beer tragedy, and upon her return, Alix told me a restaurant down the street had it--obvious deciding factor--and that ended our thirty minute "where should we go for dinner?" discussion.  Above: my summer beer, Byron's burger, Byron's ridiculous nervous habit of tearing things because Alix shouted across our table to an old college friend--what a weirdo! Friday night continued with night swimming and puppy cuddling. Right: Eleanor and Paxie (you can follow @eleanorthedog on instagram) spooning!


 AMAZING Abe & George busts that now have a place in our home! 

AMAZING Abe & George busts that now have a place in our home! 

SATURDAY: We woke up and went to pick up my momma out in ole Wyyylie, Texas (not before Starbucks though!) And then we hit up the antique stores on Riverfront in Dallas. Reason #174 that I love Byron: he loves antiques. He loves them so much that he gets lost in the store. Literally. So hard to find him! Byron and I stumbled upon the busts above and fell in love. I am so excited to have them! My dad met up with us after an early morning fishing trip, and after poking around a few more places, we headed off to Off-Site Kitchen. Their slogan should be "Stupid good burgers even vegetarians eat!" Just look at them! Alix and I are both vegetarians who are really pescatarians who are really "well, if it's ethically raised..." vegetarians who are really just people who eat meat very rarely. Anywho, delicious. Alix and her roommate have only been going to Dallas restaurants that made the top 100 list in D magazine. Such a good idea. Off-site kitchen was obviously on the list. 

We then took my parents back to Alix's place so that they could watch Paxie and Eleanor play for a bit. We also watched Alix use her juicer (birthday gift from mom and dad) for the first time--very exciting!  

CONTINUATION of Saturday: Alix, Byron, and I goofed off and relaxed after my parents left. Then when the dreaded dinner destination discussion began again, I made an executive decision for Fireside Pies, a pizza joint I had yet to visit. (Y'all know I love pizza!) We had a great time! I just love being around these two! We then went across the street to a small deli/market to grab some ice cream and soon after that we retired for the evening.




The next morning, we departed, sad, but so pleasantly filled (tummies and hearts) after our great weekend. We love you, Alix! Happy Birthday! 

Here's to a great year for Alix, another great year of independence and American pride, and full tummies and hearts!