Living Room Tour!

by Maggie Griffin

Finally! Today we are excited to share the first part of our house tour with you! 

As I have said earlier, the living room was our main priority as it is the room where we will spend the most time and the first space people see when they come over. We had hoped to paint the accent wall to match the rest of the room, but matching paint is hard, and since we only have our lease for 11 months right now, we just didn't care. So, yesterday I hung the last few things and ta-da!, today you get a tour! 

I'll start with my favorite piece in the whole house...this bookshelf! I found this on a shopping trip with my mother two years ago before I moved into my first apartment. I HAD TO HAVE IT. She and I negotiated between ourselves what the pay breakdown would be between us before we moved on to haggle a great deal out of the shop owner. I have loved this bookshelf in each space, and here I cherish it as it holds not one collection of books, but now two. You're welcome, Byron.

We framed the bookshelf with 6 record frames. I personally believe record frames are one of the best investments. Inexpensive and you get to show off your taste in music...or your parents, which happens to be the case for me. Thank you, dad! 

Growing up, my family, though none of us piano players, had a upright piano in our living room, much like this one. It is crazy that I would meet, and marry, a man who has been (undertaking the great pain of...) moving this one around for three years. It is the one his mom used to play on as a girl. This home is full of stories. Come over, we'd love to share them with you. We made the piano area, for no particular reason, a tribute to our country. After we found our presidential busts, how could we not? I love this area so much! Lastly, we have our scrabble board. Please refer to the "prologue to the blog" tab for its importance. 


Featured above: the blue velvet couch. Let me be honest, I hated them. Especially in Byron's last residence, The Nicholas Cage, a house full of testosterone, fratty gents, and fast food trash, this couch was not appealing at all. But, Byron's sister and Pinterest warmed me to the idea of blue velvet and now I love them. Plus, the deep blue matched perfectly with the brown couch pillows. Add a few pops of color from these fun C&B pillows, and I am overwhelmed with love!  

The theme of this room ended up being nature-esque with some artwork from Byron's past (which, again, I greatly disliked in his old place) and several tiny birds from our wedding decor. Do you like it? We do!  

Also, I had to show you our TV console with what we are currently watching. Byron is every so sweetly making his way through all seasons of Grey's to catch up with me so that we can watch it together when it returns. I love him so very much. 

 After two weeks, we already love it here. I had my hesitations. I loved  my old place. But this is a home, a true home, with no noises above or below or even beside us, with room to entertain, to dine, to share, with a backyard for sweet Eleanor! We love it here! We can't wait for you to come over!