Office/Study Tour!

by Maggie Griffin

Welcome to Part 2 of our multi-part house tour!

If you recall from our earlier post "Before" the room that we are showing off today once boasted an overwhelming blue. With approval from the greatest landlords ever, we completely changed the feel of this space with some chalkboard paint! (Note: while I love our chalkboard paint, in the future, if we buy a house, I will only use it after sanding the walls down...renters, take this into consideration if you fall in love with this room.) We also added the striped shower curtain from Target as a fun divider from the open closet. (Right now it also hides a lot of things of which we have no idea what to do!) 

If the theme song from "The Office" started playing in your head, you win major points. The chalkboard doodle above our computer is from the opening! I love cork board and I couldn't resist adding a small trim right above the computer. What do you think?  

When we first arrived to the house, we thought this might serve as the guest bedroom, but upon looking out those windows onto our "extra room" behind the house, we decided to be kind and allow our guests some natural light. We don't mind not having natural light in the office, and I have really come to like our faux "by the window" chill area. The featured leather recliner was another great furniture piece Byron brought into the house!

The built in drawers serve as a perfect place to house all the equipment for our various hobbies and on-the-side jobs. I quite enjoy our differences in the creative field and the way our spaces tell our visitors about us. 

Below is our bookshelf and our cute little corner study area! I can't wait to be furiously working away at that table with Byron, running to the kitchen for coffee and returning with mugs and a snack to share. I actually don't see this happening all that often, but it sounds so cute, right? 

You already know that we have such talented friends. The painting of "Mr. Intellect"  (not the actual title, just my preferred name) was created by the lovely Meredith Richey--check out her stuff. So good.  


Bookshelves are always my favorite pieces to create and work on and the bookshelf is Byron's favorite part of this room. Hooray! They don't just house books, they boast of your travels, your loves, your family history. A good bookshelf makes a good home. Three things on this one I love most:

  • The scrabble quote, a gift from Miss Jordan Ables
  • The "Love Potion" I gave to Byron on our first (and only, so far...crazy!) Valentine's Day!  coupled with a heart, made from yarn-wrapped coils, that I made during a "Visual Arts & Healing" course
  • Our yellow shelf  filled with vintage Nat Geo's from B's grandpa and the past three years on the other side

We really can't describe how much we love this house. This room and what we have done with it thus far certainly add to that love. Besides the living room, this is our second favorite room to hang out in. Compared with my last 5 years, it really does feel quite different to leave my room, but stay in the same space to accomplish things. 

But, just so you don't think we perfected a home in two is a peek at what's behind the curtain--junk! We have stowed lots back there because we just can't figure out what to do with it all right now, and that is perfectly okay.

If this house is teaching us anything, it is patience. Rooms don't paint themselves, clutter doesn't organize itself, and furniture doesn't just pop up in the perfect place. With patience and a little bit of work here and there, this room and this house are coming together quite wonderfully. 

Come do your work here! Forget the coffee shop, we make an excellent cup of whatever you want. 

Hope you enjoyed this room...much more to come!