Byron's First Day of School!

by Maggie Griffin

Let's put the rumors to rest. No, I did not rob the cradle.

Byron is older than me, but due to a second year in kindergarten (he was a very anxious youngin),  transferring from KU,  and a change of majors, B is still taking pictures like this. Today, he left for his last first day of undergrad. Here's how ridiculous his first day was--one class, beginning at 1:25. But, even that, after a whirlwind summer of marriage, traveling, and moving, was a welcome back to reality. Lucky for you all, we documented the ups and downs of his day. 

Byron came home from his one class starving! (Syllabus days are truly more exhausting than normal class days.) So, I fixed my favorite student a little snack to tide him over. Eleanor, our beloved dog, was overly happy to have Byron back home. (Upon his departure, I opened the front door to put back the camera, and Eleanor darted out, desperate to catch her dad one last time, across the street to our neighbor. She was forced back inside, and ran circles when Byron walked back in.)

To prepare for tomorrow's classes, we headed out to look at pens, pencils, and notebooks. We were successful in the last department, but when it came to this line-up of writing utensils, Byron was stumped, and we had to leave the decision up to a later date. In all fairness, picking pens and pencils is a serious task. Everyone has their favorites, and if they are not in stock, then waiting is a must. Patience is a virtue people.  

Two times during this day, Byron felt the irresistible urge to lounge. Post-snack time he, and Eleanor, not-pictured, laid on the office floor for a cat nap. Later in the evening, B cuddled up with his current reading material, Zoobiquity. 

Fun side story, explaining the Starbucks he is resting on his chest: If you remember, the most devoted followers surely will, I posted my birthday wish list a while ago; and on that wish list was a Starbucks Gold Card. This can only be achieved by the individual purchasing 30 beverages or food items within a frame of time, and only if the purchases are made by a registered card. My sweet mother-in-law and sister-in-law went above and beyond to help me get there, and tonight, Byron noticed I had one purchase left until I would be the proud owner of a gold card with my name on it. So, despite his desire to sleep--he suggested we get caffeinated! I love him so. 

All in all, today was a success for the Griffins. When asked for a quote on the day Byron said "everyone looked really young, but I'm excited to win this semester." Well, he has already won my heart, and yours too, I'm sure.

Happy first day of school, Byron! Here's to a semester full of wonderful, care-free days and enough work to make the grade!