Quarterly Report

by Maggie Griffin

8/4/203...our marriage turned 3 months old! A quarter of a year! Rather than our usual Q&A, I figured I would give you a bit of a lengthy update because that's what fancy people (and businesses) do during the quarterly round up.

This time, I decided to hand-write some thoughts as an addition. I think these will serve as an interject to the main theme of what this quarter has taught us. So without further ado,...

Though we are "newlyweds" and quite blissful with our new married status, I don't think we ever truly had that newlywed buzz or that the newness of it all quite rubbed off on us in the same way that it does on most, or at least on enough to gain such a cliched status. We were overwhelmed with happiness to have taken our vows and to be united, but we were not quite as overwhelmed in lovey-dovey fashion. Our relationship, the jist of which you can garner in 'the prologue to the blog,' never really took on the likes of others. We didn't really date, we didn't ever feel awkward, we never doubted what we had. We began and we knew that this was it, and we were seriously invested from the start. I would say that in the first week of dating we had those 'newlywed' feelings, but after that, our commitment was so strong and our devotion so sure that the comfort and security we felt overpowered the new, exciting emotions.

We came to marriage so quickly because of all of this. Being together felt so right and normal, that we were ready to unite our lives, passions, dreams, incomes, flaws, failures, and families for a lifetime of living as one picture of the gospel. That picture, since the exchange of vows, has not always been crystal clear, but we in these three months, we have wrestled more with what it means, and what it should look like. In these past three months, incredibly hard and difficult things have happened in our lives, and we are ever thankful to God for the gift and picture of marriage, so that we can have some idea of how to navigate this crazy world together.

I shall now interject my hand-written thoughts regarding our celebration of 90 days and how we spent days 88-90.


It was an absolute joy to witness our friends' marriages because we know that there is nothing better than having Christ to cling to, and doing that with a partner. For the next three months and beyond, Byron and I hope that we will continue to sharpen one another, to point one another to God's word, to devote ourselves to practicing a life of joy and love, and to celebrate and encourage one another. We hope that we will sacrifice what we want for what is best, will learn to walk in wisdom, and will seek God's kingdom above our own. What a joy it is to have one another as we do so!