by Maggie Griffin

Finally! The tour we've all be waiting for! Byron and I were awaiting several final touches before showing off this room, and now, all is in place. We really love how cozy and bright this room turned out! It is our first venture into white paint, and I adore it. It completely brightens a space and allows everything to pop! 

Like most, we have a his side and hers side, the "hers" side doubling for both females in the Griffin house, canine and human. Mine is featured above on the left, and Byron's on the right. We both have little reading nooks, though we prefer the comfort of our bed when getting lost in novels. Some of the "final touches" we were waiting on include these curtains. Simple as they are, curtains truly do make a room. Per suggestions on Pinterest, we hang our curtains at least a half foot higher to make the room feel taller. I can't seem to resist a gallery wall feel, and so, both sides, feature a small one as well. 

I adore Byron's side. He doesn't have the jewelry or makeup like I do, so he sports old tools from our grandparents, outdoorsy & travel books, a lantern, and a beer stein. So much of our house is hand-me-down from our parents and grandparents. All these little things represent who we are, who we want to be, who we came from. Stories lie around our house. 

The cozy corner. I dream of mornings of reading here with the dawn's early light. But, as summer is nearing it's end, the sun is not coming up early enough to wake me and draw me into the chair. Rather, it's tardiness invites me to remain nestled in the cozy bed. Below, my space in our room. I have been to Paris twice, only for a few days in total, but I sure do enjoy the stories, the feel, the fashion, the food. Next to my bed--Paris: A City in the Year of Light (and Dark chocolate). Thus, I have tried to give my space a Parisian, lady-like, sophisticated & chic feel. The print on the bottom right was a gift from my grandmother, a mostly watercolor painter from the Dallas area. Another pinterest idea, the framed fabric holder, sports my favorites pieces of jewelry. 

And back to the centerpiece, one of my favorite wedding photos, a 30x40 we ordered, and cut to fit a 27x40 frame (talk about a hassle!). I just, mmmm, love this view. This was the absolute final touch we were waiting on. Did it come out beautiful or what?

 The pillow was a Christmas gift from my mother! "Earth without art is just 'eh'." We love this space! What do you think?? 

I couldn't stop at just one room. Our guest room has been "ready" awhile, at least ready to stay in. So, come visit!