TOMS: a love story

by Maggie Griffin

I hitched a ride on the TOMS bandwagon early. Thanks to my big sis, Kendal, I learned what was college-popular before hitting my campus. Then, in a span of two years, I had acquired 8 pairs. Woof...obsessed, much?

Time rolled around when I needed to apply for jobs and such. I remember my eldest sister Alix asking me what I would wear to interviews and such...apparently, my college clothing choices were not setting me up for success.  I took a break from TOMS...I needed to. I moved on and got some wardrobe cred by refining my shopping skills. I moved from hipster/granola/comfy to modern, chic, sophisticated (false). I have immersed myself in "the real world" for two years, and what I have learned is absence makes the heart grow fonder.

True, I am over t-shirts and nike shorts as a daily uniform, but oh, how my heart explodes for TOMS again...they too, just like me, have grown and their new products are, like me, modern, chic, and sophisticated. I am back in love with TOMS, and this is my wishlist...too bad I have nothing to celebrate at the moment. 

A few years back, they expanded their product line to include sunglasses; they have just recently expanded again into coffee, including a special espresso blend. You all know how I feel about that...yippee! They also have begun collaborating with other smaller businesses to feature products whose sales do good in their "Marketplace." I featured my favorites from the jewelry & accessories (1/ 2/ 3), and home goods (4/ 5/ 6) categories...and then THE SHOES. I cannot wait for warmer weather and showing off my feet. (I love my feet and I am convinced I should be a foot model.) Are you all loving their new stuff as much as me??

From now until March 31st, you can get $10 off a purchase of $65 or more! WHAT?! Use code MADMARCH at checkout! Happy Spring, everybody!