On Being Adults & Future Planning

by Maggie Griffin

'Old Couple' by Dimitris Gangos

from theamazingshrinkingwoman.com

Byron and I are coming up on our 1st anniversary. This year has been excellent. We love marriage. We love being best friends. And we like the idea of looking like the couples above in 80 years. That's right, we shall both surpass 100. 

Our recent conversations have been about what's next for us. Where do we want to go? What do we want to do? Where do we want to live? What do we want our house to look like? When is the right time to get our 3rd puppy? 

We are also figuring out the right now: how to be adults and organize our finances and important documents together, how to be adults and go to necessary doctor check-ups and appointments, how to set and stick to a budget & etc. (Overarching theme: how to be adults.)

How do you organize your life? 
How did you become a thriving adult?
What do you look forward to with your spouse?

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