Memorial Day Memories

by Maggie Griffin

Memorial Day fell during weekend 3 out of our 5 weekend span of back to back (to back to back to back) weekends in Dallas. We may not have summers off anymore, but every weekend in Dallas feels like a mini vacation to us, and our families couldn't be happier. This past weekend was filled to the brim and packed full with fun and both families. Here's a little recap with a helping of random reviews and a tiny serving of self advertising. 

First, let it be noted that our pups are champions at these weekend trips. Eleanor is finally getting used to sharing the backseat with a GINORMOUS puppy who loves to lick her ear or fall asleep on her or take up the entire backseat. Bixby looks exactly like every teenage boy on a charter bus trip who is passed out on his annoyed neighbor, who is actually sweet enough of a friend to tolerate it, and drooling and sometimes snoring. Hilarious.

And each weekend, I am learning to take less pictures of them in the backseat....very hard for this puppy mom. They may look all the same to everyone else, but I will one day print all of them and make a scrapbook! Puppy's First Car Ride: Volumes 1-42387691. 

Back to the RECAP:

Friday : Upon our arrival in Dallas, we went to Million Dollar Arm at Alamo Draft House with B's side of the family. Byron and I are slightly obsessed with Alamo Draft House. Mostly, I'm obsessed with the Chocolate Espresso milkshake I always order. The movie was so good. Disney + Sports + Underdog Story = WINNING COMBO! (Remember the Titans, anyone?) My oldest sister went to India for a month during college, and I have always been jealous and interested in the county. This was a tiny tourism venture on top of a tear-inducing delight of a film. Perfect start to a weekend. 

Saturday : Breakfast and coffee with my family at Pearl Cup! Best part of the morning besides this self timer photo that is an obvious winner... : On the way over, my parents had been discussing what an Americano was. Readers, it is espresso with hot water. Unfortunately, my mother thought it was espresso and milk. For some reason, my dad wanted something coffee-y even though when he makes my mom a cup every morning, he takes his with lots of cream. After ordering, we inquired about our parent's order as they waited for their drinks and were a bit shocked to hear his answer. Fortunately for comedy, Alix had an Americano. He tried. "Ech." He no likely. But he added enough to make it drinkable. 

As an entire family unit, we traveled to Northpark for some shopping. I was on the hunt for a bridesmaid dress--success!--and I turned my family onto Madewell, my current favorite store. We literally shopped 'til we dropped (save a trip to Breadwinner's for a very tasty lunch). Byron and I collapsed for a few hours--death by sneezing & napping off a headache.  

When we awoke, it was time for a little 'Brinner', breakfast for dinner, put on by our brother-in-law and Byron's mom! Definitely delicious. 

Sunday:  Memorial weekend BBQ: Part 1 : a day at my parent's house! We reunited our doggies with their cousin, Sochi. It was absolutely hilarious. Bixby, per usual, didn't care. Eleanor however went full Doberman on that Pomchi (Pomeranian-chihuahua mix). Eleanor spent the whole day chasing that pup around and under furniture. Lots of cry-laughing plus delicious burgers! We also caught the season finale of American Dream Builders (I'm a huge Nate Berkus fan).  Wonderful day!

Monday: Ooo-wee, I love a 3 day weekend.  We started off at a very slow pace, but our morning coffee quickly sped things up. We took a normal trip to Whole Foods to pick up some things for our Memorial BBQ : Part 2 and we turned around to find a familiar face down the aisle! Our friend, CJ, was in town for a bike race and was hitting up Whole Foods for some groceries not found in Waco. We convinced him to come over for our BBQ--such a fun surprise and addition to our day!

Inspired by a recent photo shoot I did some calligraphy work for, I decided to make special magnolia leaf place cards for our celebration. Once again, our brother-in-law provided the culinary expertise at this event with a brisket from his Big Green Egg. My review: mouth-watering excellence. The boys played pool volleyball and I hung out with the world's coolest 3 1/2 year old in the hot tub. Memorial Day success!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next weekend, we love you Dallas!