1 Year Celebration!

by Maggie Griffin

I, Maggie, take you, Byron, to be my husband

I, Byron, take you, Maggie, to be my wife.

...as we approach our marriage, may we
Love God.
Embrace beauty.
And live life to the fullest.

Husband & wife forever. Celebrations forever. Prosecco forever.

A "sweep me off my feet" kind of moment. This happened right after we walked out of our ceremony. Byron was so thrilled and he grabbed me so tight and planted one on me. I love my husband. 

All of it. I love all of it. Truly, the most special celebration. I have nothing but fond memories of the entire process--planning--> the actual day. Our wedding was the perfect beginning of our adventure.

A year ago, Byron and I took on our new roles of husband and wife, surrounded by our friends and family, at a celebration that was absolutely perfect. And with the gaining of my new name, our new titles, we were given our greatest responsibility: to faithfully devote ourselves to one another, following the example of Christ, to proclaim the good news of his conquering love to all the world. Our year has been one full of great joy and grand adventures. We have not always lived our mission perfectly, but we have loved deeper and more fully than any other year before. 

We have gained three new animal family members, traveled to 5 states, moved into a house, acquired furniture of our own, made numerous adult decisions, and learned. We have learned so much in a short amount of time. We have learned about the true meaning of serving one another and sacrificing our desires and interests for one another. We have learned that it is better to do the dishes right away than allowing them to pile up. We have learned that is is better to do the laundry right away than allowing the clothes to pile up. We have learned that choosing to love one another in difficult moments is not the easiest choice, but it is by far the best. We have learned more of what the Father's love looks like. We have learned about the world through each other's eyes. We have done so much. And yet, we have a lifetime to do more.

This weekend was such a spectacular celebration to remember our union. Before Byron came home on Friday, I created a nostalgic centerpiece on our dining room table that resembled our wedding tables' decor. The next day, we hit up a moving sale that our former small group leaders and friends were having (gained a desk!), ate breakfast at the farmer's market, visited the zoo (site of our rehearsal dinner),  saw a movie together, got fancy for dinner, and had a wonderful time reminiscing and chatting during dinner, delighting in one another's company until the restaurant cleared out and only we remained. The next day, we broke out the cake, the namesake of this blog, and invited friends to join in our celebration of year-old cake and year-old marriage. 

At the zoo! This is right where we had our rehearsal dinner, on Gibbon Island! Please notice Byron's souvenir cup. 

Byron is the adoptive father for one of the tigers at the zoo. he still has to schedule his meet and greet! 

Timercam app failure. 

Failure: Part II. 


I cannot imagine a more perfect celebration for/of the two of us. 

Our entire relationship moved quickly (9 months dating, 4 months engaged), and this year has flown by even quicker. It is no small accomplishment for a pair of 20 somethings to remain faithful and smitten with one another these days, but being with Byron is such an easy choice for me, and the we are incredibly happy of our union and celebration. We are proud of our marriage, and grateful for those we can look at to model ours after. We look forward to many more years of celebrating and can't wait to share them with you!