Guest Post & Giveaway

by Maggie Griffin

HELLO, readers!

You all know that I don't post as often as I have said that I want to in about a million posts, but I still love writing for you when I can. The blogging world is a very fun place to be. Whether the audience be big or small, it is a cathartic experience for me to write about my world and invite other people in to see it. And, it is just as fun to read about other people's worlds. Books take us to far off places, and I think the same is true for a lot of blogs. We get the chance to read someone's narrative, to see their spaces in the world, and learn about their family and friends. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed what you have seen from my world. It is by no means perfect, but I've got it good; I know that I am blessed beyond what I deserve and I like sharing it. All this to say, connecting with other bloggers is fun, and I have the joy of doing that this week.

Yesterday, I was introduced over at Undomestic Divas by a dear old friend, Allie. A majority of my fondest hometown memories feature our time together and it has been really fun to reconnect through the blogging world. I hope that you will head over to see my post today! Here's a snippet:

That's it. That's all you get. Now you HAVE to go over to Undomestic Divas to see the rest. And be sure to check back there tomorrow because I've got a giveaway going on over there.  The winner will get his/her choice of 1 of 3 Southern Phrase prints. It could be you, you lucky ducks! 

Head over to Undomestic Divas RIGHT THIS SECOND.
And have a wonderful day. I love you all!