2015 Goals...Ready, Set, Go!

by Maggie Griffin

Resolution writing...people have such mixed feelings about this! Neither Byron nor I are the kind to wake up on January 1st, goals already made, ready to begin the new year as new people. We don't put pressure on ourselves or serve as the Resolution Police for one another. But, we do like to reflect on ourselves and our lifestyle and make some goals as to how to live and be better versions of ourselves in the new year. Below, we have shared our written resolutions (I forced Byron to write his...), because writing it down makes it more likely to happen! 

Do any of ours resonate with you? Do you want to share in any of the challenges we have set for ourselves? I'd love to see how some of you interpret these into your routines and families! 

Here are some of the things we hope to accomplish together:

  • Share our life more through this blog...as I was writing our 2014 review, I was disappointed in how little I shared! Hoping to share more this year!
  • Have more meaningful conversations around the dinner table...we often sit down together and share our dinners, but we tend to have Wheel-of-Fortune on in the background. Sorry, Pat and Vana...we've got some talking to do!
  • Save, save, and save more! At the end of last year, we discussed how we'd like to be more fiscally responsible. We should be millionaires by the end of this year. 
  • Exercise our dogs more! Poor pups...we let them run in our large backyard, but they need more than that, and we are determined to give it to them!
  • Host more gatherings at our house...when we both started new jobs, we let our social life slide...time to bring it back. Game night, anyone?

Those are the major goals we hope to pursue together this year!
Tell us: what are you hoping to do, learn, make, create, or be this year?