Life Lately...February Round-Up

by Maggie Griffin

This year is moving so incredibly fast! I can't keep up with you, 2015. Slow down. 

Last month went by quick as it always does, but we did our best to pack it full of fun!

We spent time outside when the weather warmed up. I received my first copies of The Atlantic, the best Christmas gift from Byron and read up on power couples. 

I cooked with shrimp for the first time ever as part of my Miss New Foodie challenge. I went with Honey Lime Shrimp tacos (find the recipe here) and I thought it was extremely delicious.  Byron, however, had been sick the weekend I made this meal and felt nauseous upon his first bite. ...yikes. 

I invested in a new art endeavor and created some wooden stamps that are now for sale on my etsy store. This was such an extremely fun project, and I can't wait to make more and design things for people to use and love. 

We celebrated Valentine's day with gifts and coffee and movies and a delicious meal at Cafe Homestead. For the most part, it was a deja vu of last year, including similar photos that you'll recognize if you have a good memory. Our friend Eryn set up a photo booth and we jumped in front of the camera to capture our Valentine's fun.

Byron and I created countless cheese and snack trays in February...for just the 2 of us...for no reason at all. Why not cherish the days with celebratory cheese?! 

We revisited our favorite orange chicken recipe and threw it in a salad. The dogs stared out the window every day for hours. I got back into my work groove. We hosted a gathering for young professionals at our house and made some cocktails and watched Charade. 

February was great! This month is already stirring up some wonderful things and I can't wait to share more with you!