100 Days of Blogging: Day 1

by Maggie Griffin

When Byron and I got married, I constantly checked blogs. I was a year out of school, working/volunteering for the government through AmeriCorps, and I wanted our life to be blog-worthy. I wanted pictures of every little thing we did. I wanted restaurant worthy dishes for every meal.  I wanted our home to be spotless and ready for hosting at all times. I still look at blogs occasionally and I still enjoy how picture perfect their lives look, but what I find more intriguing now are the posts of authenticity. I appreciate the moments where people step back and zoom out from the picture perfect square to reveal the modern mess of a not-all-together life that is still full of beauty. 

While I've given up on my short-lived dream of being a blogger, I still find myself wanting to share bits and pieces of our life. A scroll down this page will reveal that a year has gone by since a post, and another year before that. Life moves so quickly, but here I am again, this time with a challenge to myself. Simply, to blog for 100 days. There are no parameters other than to log-in, write a short summary or share a photo, and post. I have decided to not even notify my avid readers (hello mom and mother-in law!), but rather let them stumble back here and be surprised. 

 One of our first photos together! What babies! 

One of our first photos together! What babies! 

This little challenge is for me: an ode to an old dream and a chance to continue to share our journey for which I am so grateful.

We're quickly approaching our 4 year anniversary. Year after year after year after year has gone by so quickly and as we enter our 5th and continue to grow, I welcome you to read along as I share what life and marriage looks like here at "our frozen cake."