100 Days of Blogging: Days 9-14

by Maggie Griffin

While lying in bed one night last week, both on our phones in classic millennial style, Byron, checking in our bank account, asked me "What is this $ squarespace charge?" (To be clear, the $ is a stand in for a specific dollar amount, not an expletive), to which I responded "the annual domain charge for our blog." He then, appropriately, responded "You don't even use the blog anymore." I let him in on my personal writing challenge, but haven't blogged since. Here is my post to correct my wrong, get back on track, and prove B wrong! 


Sometimes secrets can be fun and surprising--like this blog challenge. I knew that once my mom stumbled upon it (hi, mom!), she would reach each post, savoring the words that I am mostly putting on the internet for her. And, when you are in such a close relationships as a marriage, it's fun to be able to truly surprise your spouse. I had to show Byron every post! My word was not good enough. 

It's good to type again. Of course, I had the intent of returning sooner; that is, of course, what this whole challenge is about, but now I'll just put a new spin on it. While I do hope to blog as frequently as possible, I'll offer myself a bit of grace and turn this into a challenge to blog about 100 days instead of blogging 100 days in a row. How's that? Great! 

So, we've got a week to catch up! Like many others, I use my iPhone pictures as a record of times. If there's not a photo for a day, I haven't a clue what happened. But, I'll do my best to jog my memory. 

My picture from last Tuesday (Day 9) is a screenshot of a conversation I had with Byron midday. Around 2:00, a notification of a text from B popped up with a text bubble that read "Guess who gets to give the sex talk to 7th grade boys this year?" Fortunately for EVERYONE, it is indeed Byron. A day after he shares about the birds and the bees (curriculum actually title "the BIG decision") with this special group of young gentlemen, he will be chaperoning the junior high group to an overnight field trip. It is my personal hope that he is bombarded with questions that make him extremely uncomfortable. Yes, I am such a caring and sweet wife. 

There is no picture from Wednesday, but I do know that we watched the newly released episode of The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu because we are very excited about this show, and unlike others, it is un-bingeable, so it has all the old-school hype of sitting in front of a viewing device on a weekly basis, as well as all the old-school, week-long anticipation that viewers are left with when the episode ends. 

Thursday's picture is of my Spiritual Life Department staff outing to Cafe Homestead in Elm Mott. Our staff got together to celebrate our graduating student staff, gather around a table of delicious food, and reflect on our year of work. Going to Cafe Homestead since our wedding is now extra special as I am reminded of our rehearsal dinner and the delicious food that they catered. As we walked around this place I cherish after a delicious meal, we were challenged to reflect using this examen that was adapted for our specific work. One of the things I really enjoy about my job is that we are often challenged to step back and reflect on a period of time or a season. In the past few months, it's been full steam ahead and there has seldom been a chance to put the breaks on, allowing time to consider how and why and all the other good questions that come up during times of examination. I am thankful for the chance to pause. Similarly, I challenged myself to write more to pause during our full steam ahead schedule and reflect on our lives and marriage. 

Friday! We've arrived! One of the main reasons that non-blogging got the best of me last week is the anticipation we had leading up to Friday and then the non-stop, fun-joy-family-filled weekend. Because of work and other engagements, we waited to fully celebrate our anniversary until this past Friday, when we knew we would have the chance to enjoy a nice (read: nicer than any restaurant in Waco) dinner together. This had been our plan for a while, and as soon as we could, we packed up, loaded up, and headed northbound on I-35. 


For years, Byron's family has been enjoying Del Frisco's Steakhouse for birthdays and other celebrations. Knowing this, Byron's Aunt and Uncle made us grateful recipients of gift cards at Christmastime! We'd been waiting for the right occasion--and 4 years was it! Within 5 minutes of dropping off the pups at B's parent's house, our uber pulled up to whisk us away to the delicacies that awaited us. The world's best waiter (shoutout to Moses!) treated us to complimentary champagne WITH our cocktails and with the chef's help, created a special vegetarian dish for us to enjoy! Our night was filled with stories, laughter, entertainment from a rollerskating dancer outside the restaurant's windows, complimentary dessert and a lovely ride home from sweet uber driver Debra. It was a 4 year celebration worth waiting for!

And, you know what, these vegetarians liked the steakhouse so much we went to a second Del Frisco's location on Saturday for an early mother's day celebration of Byron's mother, sister, and our sister-in-law. These ladies are some of the best mommas I know and I love hanging out with their little ones! And because Byron's mom couldn't resist pointing out the two anniversaries in the room, we got another complimentary dessert!! The location that Byron and his family have been going to for over a decade closed at the end of last year, and everyone was so sweet welcoming us to the new location. It is such a joy to continue traditions, start new traditions, and see relationships grow over time. 

On Sunday, we went over to my mom's house for a Mother's Day celebration of my mom and grandma! I adore these women. They have not only shaped me into who I am, but continually love, pray for, and think about me and Byron. In the mornings, when I hear my phone ding, it's my mom reminding me of her love. When I do the dishes at our house, I see the spiraled set of bible verses that were in kitchens before mind. When I wash clothes, I remember my mom folding everyone's stacks on the living room floor. When I write my signature, I see the loops of curls of my mom's handwriting hidden within my penmanship.  When I read a good book, I know my mom will move through the pages just as quickly. When I look in the mirror, I'm seeing more of my mom. She is undeniably a part of me, and it makes me who I am, and I couldn't be happier.