100 Days of Blogging: Days 15-21

by Maggie Griffin

The spring to summer transition, especially for a teacher and university employee, is such a sweet season. We never seem to establish a routine, but this week, a few consistencies have allowed us to settle into this slower pace of life, offering us a chance to savor this period of time. 

1. Enjoying a beverage together when we get home. Lattes, Topo Chicos, and boxed white wines are our current preferences. 

2. Open windows. It's our house's version of a watering hole--it attracts all the animals. They take turns with their heads in the window, looking out for squirrels and birds, trying to catch flies, noses watering when the breeze kicks in. And perhaps the best part is watching Byron when an unknown bird's call beckons him outside. 

3. Soundtracks during dinner. Pairing the smell of sizzling garlic with the right tune changes cooking from just another part of our daily routine to an evening of experiencing sounds + smells. On the playlist: Amelie Soundtrack, Nels Cline's Lovers, and Byron's Spotify's Daily Mix. 
4. Master of None, Season 2. Love the way that this show tells a story. We watched season 1 so fast that Byron can't even remember what happened, but he knows he loved it. We tried to savor season 2 a little longer, but we couldn't say no to Aziz. While we enjoy conversation and being together, we also just loving relaxing and watching a good story during dinner. Wednesday's have been the Handmaid's Tale, and now that Master of None is over, we'll return to VEEP. 

5. Books & Interesting articles. Last week I finished Kayla Rae Whitaker's debut novel The Animators. This week, I can't turn the pages of Paula Hawkin's Into the Water quick enough. Both of these selections made their way to me through the Book of the Month subscription club. Again, not trying to promote--I just love the service. But, BOTM, if you're reading this, I am definitely willing to be a paid promoter/supporter. Email me.