100 Days of Blogging: Day 2

by Maggie Griffin

I did it! I've found time to grab a seat in front of this computer screen and put fingers to the keyboard and welcome you into our life for two consecutive days! I've definitely got that in the W column for today. And with that said, today I'll share the ups and downs, our W and L column. 


I always look forward to what Byron will share first about his day when he walks through the door. Today, he fed a baby bird with a syringe. This was a big hit with the kids, and I definitely enjoyed the impression Byron gave of the baby bird receiving water. 

I "adult-ed" and went to a new eye doctor in Waco. As long as my insurance doesn't switch, I've found a keeper! I also got my eyeglasses adjusted so they don't fall off my face like they have been...for the last 2 years. 

We celebrated a birthday at work today, so I got a doughnut for breakfast! 

I've got several side-business projects right now-a little extra $$ and forced creative endeavors never hurt! 

Thanks to Blue Apron, I didn't have to think about our dinner plans and we enjoyed a delicious meal--Snap Pea Risotto! #notanad, just a shameless promoter of the meal service that has changed our lives for the better! 

Bixby is still healing from a leg injury, but he kept his bandage on all day while being crated! However, ...


Within 5 minutes of being home, Bixby silently managed to undo his bandage. This process of constantly re-bandaging him has been quite frustrating. He also ate off his bandaging this morning while we were getting ready after a whole night of sleeping in it. That pup is something else. 

Post spring-cleaning "go through" piles are still cluttering some spaces. 

We had planned a bike ride, but were both too tired to go after work. Good thing there's always tomorrow! 

As far as days go, the W column is stacked pretty well. The Spring-Summer transition is a favorite season of ours. The school year is slowing down, the days are long, the wine is chilled, our annual Nantucket trip is edging closer on the calendar...

Today was a good one, and I hope yours was too.