100 Days of Blogging: Day 5

by Maggie Griffin

After a year-long hiatus of "Magpie Writes," my side calligraphy business, I have slowly been accepting projects. I am grateful to be working with new people, challenging myself with new styles of writing, and learning more about business as I go. All this led to Friday, May 5.  

Here's a quick run down: 
(Evening of May 4) Email a PDF file of a 36 page ad program to printer.
Wake up.
Get ready, take dogs out, make B's lunch.
Meet client at house to give completed marble tile place cards for Saturday event.
Call printer to make sure program is ok. 
It's not.
Change all inside pages to grayscale to meet client & printer's needs.
Go to work. 
Pick up proof--realize it has one last typo and grayscale needs to be lightened.
Finish up at work.
Run home to correct program. 
Send back to printer.
Run by Saturday event venue to write 3 more place cards.
Order pizza cause a girl's gotta eat. 
Go back to work. 
Eat pizza while working. 
Run by printer to pick up programs and deliver them - yay! 
Finish up at work.
Go home. 

By collapse, I mean catch up on TV shows while Byron takes a much-deserved nap after teaching the kids for a week! Then, we went out for dinner and met up with my sister, brother-in-law, and their kiddos, who were in town for a concert. 

Then we returned home to eat our anniversary fudge pie, watch VEEP, and collapse for real. 

All in all, a very busy, satisfying day. The completion of those two projects was a source of relief and made looking forward to the weekend even sweeter!