100 Days of Blogging: Day 7

by Maggie Griffin

On Sundays of my 100 Day Blogging Challenge, I'm going to share a list of things I'm grateful for. When I come across old journals, I find that I'm one part embarrassed at the cheesiness and one part appreciative of my journey and how sincere I was at each point that I put pen to paper. While I've moved from pen to keyboard, I know I'll probably be embarrassed if my kids find these words on the internet archive in years to come, but I'll be happy remembering the time I spent writing about our lives. And I know for sure I'll be happy to stumble across these lists of gratitude. 

So on the first of many Grateful Sunday Sessions, I find myself thankful for: 

  • the way I feel about our house: when the light comes in the windows, when everything blooms in Spring, when I get to rest in our bedroom surrounded by trees feeling like I'm in a treehouse, when it feels cramped and perfect all at the same time, when there's still work to be done but we're so happy 
  • our animals: even though they cost us an arm and a leg the last two months, they still jump on the bed to snuggle, comfort, and annoy us in all the right ways
  • the lattes Byron makes me
  • candles and flowers
  • Lula Jane's Fudge Pie
  • a closet full of clothes in which "I can't find anything to wear"
  • too many books in our house
  • the Portraits 25th year celebration: Byron and I were fortunate to attend a late afternoon program featuring a dance troupe, a step team, "SnapShots": 3-6 year old performers-all the way to college aged, the presentation of a $10,000 endowed scholarship to my sweet Department Director who has selflessly given of herself for 25 years to serve the youth of our community and remind them that they are somebody and they have something to say and work to do, and MORE! 
  • remembering that we have leftover brownies!

So many things to be thankful for, but these are making the top of the list today!