100 Days of Blogging: Day 8

by Maggie Griffin

Today, I feel like making confessions. 

1. Right now, I am watching Dancing with the Stars--total guilty pleasure. 
2. Just got mad at Byron for tapping on the table while he works in his silent headphones because...duh, I'm watching DWTS.
3. Packages in the mail are the best thing ever. Today I received 2, one of them contained a $1 Wine Coozie that is making this a great, chill(ed) Monday night. 
4. We were supposed to have a Blue Apron meal tonight, but hard boiled eggs and pickled beet sandwiches didn't sound appealing, so we stole the Ciabatta rolls and heated up our frozen veggie patties, and voila! 
5. I got Starbucks coffee this morning. I make personal promises to stop spending so much money on morning coffee and treats, but they never stick. 
6. Right now, our anniversary fudge pie is coming to room temp, because we're still enjoying it. 
7. I'm wearing a pair of glasses that I've had for 3+ years for the first time in a LOOONG time because I got them adjusted last week after 'adulting' myself to a new eye doctor, and now they don't fall off my face! 
8. I still watch Grey's Anatomy. Can't stop, won't stop. Just saw a commercial that promised me that my jaw will drop during the next 2 episodes and I don't doubt it. Shonda, you TV temptress...you get me every time. 
9. 3 out of the 7 posts from week one were not written on the day I posted them. Very grateful for the ability to change the post date so I can trick everyone into thinking I'm on top of this challenge.
10. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. 
11. I love Taco Bell. 
12. Byron and I have been vegetarians since December, but I've cheated a few times. I think I accidentally ate some meat today in a catered lasagna--my bad!
13. I'd like to find a job where I can "summer" somewhere else. 
14. All I want to do is take a sick day and read books. 
15. Byron and I are starting to think about when we want to start our family. 

Whoa!!! Call the presses--so many juicy secrets in this post.

Last confession--just saw a new preview for "Downward Dog" and I am DEFINITELY watching. ALSO, just saw a preview for ABC's revamped Dirty Dancing--looks awful! 

SERIOUSLY. Last confession: I hope I become famous and get to publish these posts in a book someday!