Shocked, But Sure

by Maggie Griffin

On November 24, Byron and I had a delightful dinner together after returning to Waco from being with our families for Thanksgiving. Per usual, we went to the nearby Target for a post-date walk. But the items that made it to check-out were quite unusual. Two at-home pregnancy tests and a set of 3 little Christmas birds. On our way out, we ordered two hot chocolates to-go; I had a test to take and a bladder to fill.

Not quite ready for what may happen when the test revealed its lines, we both read the full instructions on each package. Given that this was our first time to take a pregnancy test, we bought two different brands to offer us more information and assurance either way. After sipping the last drops of hot cocoa, and a full mug of water to boot, I filled a little glass jar. We dipped two tests in the fluid, one of each brand. We did our best to not look and leave the room, but a positive sign immediately appeared on one of the tests. We forced ourselves out of the bathroom and set a timer for three minutes. Three long minutes later we re-entered to see a positive sign on one test and two lines on the other - both indicating that inside me a life-changing process had been set in motion.

Even though deep down I had already known what the tests would say, we couldn’t quite believe what these tests were telling us. We were, at the same time, shocked but sure. A new reality that we could take on the names ‘mom’ and ‘dad,’ that two were becoming three, that we had a completely new family dynamic, was settling in. Ever the information seeker, I was determined to meet with a doctor as soon as I could to be 100% confident in what these tests had revealed.

I called on Monday morning, offering the details I knew to the doctor and was set to come in the following Monday. I started googling every question that popped in my mind and downloaded The Bump app. I figured out how to track how far along I was and could now “see” the little baby with the app’s 3D tool. All the information I saw and the nausea, exhaustion, and soreness that arrived continued to confirm what our at home tests said: I’m pregnant.

IMG_5365 copy.jpg