Demo Day!

by Maggie Griffin

I never thought I'd be happy at the sight of a dumpster at my house...


After our loan closed, we had an unrealistic expectation that demo would start the next day; once reality set in, we impatiently began waiting. A dumpster appeared, and we waited some more, this time with more expectation. Various permits, reports, and foundation tests were filed, sent in, and taken and still, we wait...

...but, our contractor, knowing how anxious we were for progress, sent his crew into the house this past week and began our interior demo!

Signing paperwork is a serious step, but when you see layers and LAYERS of wallpaper and actual walls coming down, the process becomes REAL. We are still waiting to get the go-ahead to start work on the new addition...which is going to take the 'REAL' feeling up to a new level. Until then, we are happily living with the knowledge that this thing is really happening. 

Here we are celebrating DEMO DAY! "Demo Day" in Waco has a whole new meaning thanks to local HGTV stars, Chip and Jojo, and it truly is everything they made it out to be! When we saw the drywall EVERYWHERE and the walls stripped down, it felt like we had finally begun this crazy before/after renovation + addition journey we are going on. 

SO many wallpapers have been discovered. Our contractor texted me, jokingly asking if he should salvage these; he went to so far as tell me he had conferred with Byron who wanted this for our family room. 

On the first day of demo, we walked in to the above. All the wallpapers and paneling had been ripped off the walls of our first floor living space. The biggest change we saw on day 1 was the removal of a dropdown that had been installed to cover airducts. It used to be visible right in the middle of the space and it made our spaces feel so small. With it gone, our space immediately felt more open. It was a very small taste of what is to come and WE. CAN'T. WAIT. 

On Day 2, the walls came down! There was a wall with an arched passthrough that used to separate our kitchen and living space. GONE. There also used to be a second arch that separated the entryway/living space from the kitchen. GONE. Speaking of the kitchen, it's all GONE. This change was SHOCKING. I noticed it even before we walked in through our front door window. 


In just two days, we saw the plans we received in December unfolding before our eyes. This process has been a long one, but we are excited and ready for it to continue!