twenty eight

by Maggie Griffin

Did you know that I once dreamed of being a blogger? 

Yes, back when blogs were more of a novelty and blogging an unlikely career to aspire to, I had great plans of creating content, taking pictures of every day life, and sharing it with the world. I was mostly inspired by Love Taza and A Beautiful Mess. I would check their pages everyday for DIY ideas, lifestyles to idolize, and plans to fill my post-grad life.  My favorite type of posts were wish lists and buyers guides - they reminded me of the delightful scene in 13 Going on 30 where Jennifer Garner crafts that amazing scrapbooked board to pitch her idea for the redesign of the magazine. Those posts launched a series of Christmas and Birthday wish lists that I would provide to my mom, mostly so I could digitally craft these mood boards of things I wanted. 

As I look back on some of the posts, it's fun to see the things I wanted at different periods of lie and how my style and hobbies have changed. With my twenty eighth birthday quickly approaching (and a pledge to my mom to blog more. Hi, Mom!), I decided to return to my love of visual wishlist creation. 



1. Making It Up As I Go Tee, Chipper Thing
2. Open Front Sweater Blazer, J. Crew
3. The Transport Rucksack, Madewell
4. Leather Mules, TOMS
5. Karis Chunky Scoop Necklace, 31 bits
6. Meggs' History of Graphic Design
7. The Design of Dissent
8. Signs of Resistance

As I approach 28, I find myself looking for classic, timeless, and neutral pieces and books that continue to educate me about the job I fell into and love - graphic design.