5 Months Down, Forever to Go

by Maggie Griffin

I must say that this month has been my favorite. I have a feeling that I will be saying that for months and years to come. Marriage just keeps getting better. Especially for Byron and I, who have not really been together all that long, each month we learn more about each other, communicate better, and have more fun! When we do the math, this month marks something pretty fantastic. We have now been married longer than we were engaged. And our months engaged + months being married now = our months dating! Woo! Altogether, it's been an amazing 18 months and we are excited to continue sharing our journey with all you readers!

Q: Favorite moment of the fifth month?

M: I just love Byron. I really do. He is very supportive of me. Both of us change our minds all the time about what we want to do and pursue in the future...but when we are passionate about something, we each encourage the other and help when we can. I started work again this month and Byron came along with me on (a very hot & giant mosquito filled) block walk to advertise for our after school program. What a trooper! This example represents my favorite moments this month--the ones that were full of support, encouragement and love.    

B: There is a group at our church focused on married couples without kids called "Hitched." This month, there were two "Hitched" dinners that we had a blast at. It helps us to feel a little bit older, and it has been fun to get to know so many similar people. This is a group that we are just getting into so we are meeting lots of new people we haven't really been more than acquaintances with before now. 

Q: What is something new you have learned about your spouse?

M: Byron is a family man. He is deeply impacted by all the big and little things that go on with his family. I knew this, but some hard things have been going on in our families, and Byron's heart and compassion have been the sweetest thing to witness. 

B: Her obsession for online shopping has picked up this month... 

Q: What is one life lesson you have gained from "married life?"

M: Communication is key. In life. In everything. There were a few moments this month where a bit more communication, and especially clear communication would have spared us some not so glamorous moments. In all relationships, communication is key. Tell people how you feel and be honest and don't be scared to bring up confrontational things. We aren't terrible at communicating, but we can always be better. 

B: It is better to do things that you don't want to do instead of talking about it forever. Example: we have had strings of lights we have been meaning to hang up for the 2 months we've been in the house. We always talked about it but never accomplished it. We finally got around to hanging them as well as a few other things and we were very satisfied with our productivity. 

Q: What project/hope do you share this month?

M: This past month, our home group, has been coming over every Monday to share what's going on with their lives and share a treat. This month, I want to continue to make fun dishes and open up our house even more for guests to enjoy it! 

B: I got back into photography this past month and have also applied for a few jobs, so I want to take ten unique portraits of different people and have coffee/meetings with potential employers. 

Q: Three words for the fifth month:

M: Community, caffeinated, (fun) work. 

B: Espresso, backyard, school.


1, 2, 3, 4 Months of Marriage!

by Maggie Griffin

This month, we both tried out some new looks! People are telling us we look more alike...

Q: Favorite moment of the fourth month?

M: This month was full of house projects and super big decisions...regarding curtains and pillows and kitchen utensils and all things house related...I am so pleased with everything. I cannot explain the feeling of having a home together--it is bliss. My favorite moments have been sitting outside on our plastic patio furniture or on our little bench out front and chatting about our hopes and dreams. 

B: After moving in and finally getting settled, I loved having friends over. We had a hamburger cookout with Brad and our other newlywed friends, the Jones'. A few weeks later, we had a bring your own dinner night and watched 'Return to Oz,' a creepy '85 sequel to Wizard of Oz. 

Q: What is something new you have learned about your spouse?

M: His fear of bugs. Here's what happens: we see a bug and freak out. We both know they are harmless, but we cannot imagine having their legs on us, so we both waste time arguing over who will kill it while the sneaky little roach gets away. After a strategic house spray by my fearless warrior, this has been occurring less frequently, quite seldom, in fact, but any sighting still makes us jump & squirm.  

B: Her ability to kill bugs. I can't deal with the flying bugs or cockroaches and sometimes she is able to.

The current backyard set up...work in progress, but such a great place for conversations!

Q: What is one life lesson you have gained from "married life?"

M: Communication. Constantly. So often we (humans) hide what we are thinking and try to read the other person before offering our ideas. This is no bueno. Byron and I are continuing to learn, especially this month, that we must be forward with our thoughts. We have to stop trying to read the other person first and just express ourselves, then compromise and negotiate and converse. 

B: I feel like we talked more with our families this month, which I liked a lot. We asked for lots of input rather than trying to figure out everything on our own. We both place a great value on our family relationships, and it is fun to figure out how that plays out in marriage. 

Q: What project/hope do you share this month?

M: I would love to continue working more on the house; I have so many ideas...we just need more money. I also want to get our schedule established. With B back in school, and me starting my second 'term' at work, plus every thing we're involved in revamping for fall, we are a few weeks into figuring out what each day will look like and what our weekly schedule will be. I hope to establish some fun weekly traditions and find time to relax and reenergize together.

B: I would like to sit down and figure out what my next semester looks like--my first semester after school. I want to have several conversations about what we want that time to look like, what we want to accomplish, what we hope to do together.

Also, more salads. I like 'leafs' now. And to figure out a workout schedule. 


Friends over, Maggie's birthday celebration!, sleeping puppies...

Q: Three words for the fourth month:

M:  New, decorating, 23.

B: Slowly, settling, maturing...(like a great bottle of whiskey)

*BONUS! Eleanor update! *


Finally...we seem to be settled. But, we also keep making 2 hour drives to Dallas, so not really. Because of this, I was acting a little less energized, less of myself, more apathetic. Mom and Dad were very concerned about me.

My parents took me to the vet because of my unusual behavior, but I walked away happy and healthy! I met a new friend, Dr. Dodson, who said I ate a flea and got tapeworm, which probably made me even more unusual. I blame the neighborhood dogs. 

They bought me a new bed (only after they got a very comfy, bigger bed)  which I like alright, but I prefer to army crawl under their bed. They also bought me the bones I love. I hadn't had one in a while, but I got the hang of it again.

I love my big backyard. At first, I only got to go out for a minute to do my business; now with slightly cooler temperatures, I am allowed to play to my heart's content while mom and dad chat outside.

Life is good. 

Quarterly Report

by Maggie Griffin

8/4/203...our marriage turned 3 months old! A quarter of a year! Rather than our usual Q&A, I figured I would give you a bit of a lengthy update because that's what fancy people (and businesses) do during the quarterly round up.

This time, I decided to hand-write some thoughts as an addition. I think these will serve as an interject to the main theme of what this quarter has taught us. So without further ado,...

Though we are "newlyweds" and quite blissful with our new married status, I don't think we ever truly had that newlywed buzz or that the newness of it all quite rubbed off on us in the same way that it does on most, or at least on enough to gain such a cliched status. We were overwhelmed with happiness to have taken our vows and to be united, but we were not quite as overwhelmed in lovey-dovey fashion. Our relationship, the jist of which you can garner in 'the prologue to the blog,' never really took on the likes of others. We didn't really date, we didn't ever feel awkward, we never doubted what we had. We began and we knew that this was it, and we were seriously invested from the start. I would say that in the first week of dating we had those 'newlywed' feelings, but after that, our commitment was so strong and our devotion so sure that the comfort and security we felt overpowered the new, exciting emotions.

We came to marriage so quickly because of all of this. Being together felt so right and normal, that we were ready to unite our lives, passions, dreams, incomes, flaws, failures, and families for a lifetime of living as one picture of the gospel. That picture, since the exchange of vows, has not always been crystal clear, but we in these three months, we have wrestled more with what it means, and what it should look like. In these past three months, incredibly hard and difficult things have happened in our lives, and we are ever thankful to God for the gift and picture of marriage, so that we can have some idea of how to navigate this crazy world together.

I shall now interject my hand-written thoughts regarding our celebration of 90 days and how we spent days 88-90.


It was an absolute joy to witness our friends' marriages because we know that there is nothing better than having Christ to cling to, and doing that with a partner. For the next three months and beyond, Byron and I hope that we will continue to sharpen one another, to point one another to God's word, to devote ourselves to practicing a life of joy and love, and to celebrate and encourage one another. We hope that we will sacrifice what we want for what is best, will learn to walk in wisdom, and will seek God's kingdom above our own. What a joy it is to have one another as we do so!

One Month Check-Up

by Maggie Griffin

Our marriage is like a little baby.

At first, people just want to hug us and admire us. We're together- a new thing - together in a new way - experiencing a new world. And people stare and coo and poke our cheeks.

Then, the first month rolls around and people want stats--how healthy are we, what percentiles and such are we in, what is our funniest quirk, what have we learned.


So, here we are to give them to you!

Q: What is something new you have learned about your spouse? about yourself?

B: I have learned that she is very fidgety. And I have learned that I kind of like cooking, or more like helping to cook.

M: I have learned that Byron is sillier than I thought. I have laughed more this month than ever before. What a winner. And I have learned that I am more like my parents than I knew. There have been moments here and there where I almost strangely feel like I am them, acting or speaking just like they would.

Q: What was your favorite moment from this month?

B: I like going to Multnomah falls with Maggie and conquering the hike with her.

M: My favorite moment was making a restaurant reservation under my new name while we were in Austin. It felt so weird and wonderful all at the same time.

Q: What has been surprising about marriage?

B: How differently people interact with us, I can't think of any examples, but it just feels different when people talk to us now.

M: How motivating it is. Marriage has changed how I think about and approach different tasks and how I interact with people. Being married, representing two people and a new family, makes me want to do my best and be sweeter and kinder and more loving.

Q: What is a pet peeve or loving quirk you have discovered?

B: I have learned that she gets frustrated by me falling asleep quickly, during naps or at night...and that she likes to poke me awake.

M: Byron loves "mom tv." There is a show in Waco called "Moms Everyday" that he has found a liking for, as well as morning shows like Kelly and Michael. Hysterical.

Q: What is your current dream together?

B: I just want to be doing things that satisfy us both individually and professionally and be in a city that we love.

M: Care for as many puppies as possible.

Q & A with the Bride & Groom

by Maggie Griffin

May the Fourth, be with us always and forever.

Q: Favorite part of day?

B: The moment right after we got married and recessed to the hallway--our first moment, the very first split second together as a married couple. And then all of our best friends joined us. I loved it.

M: Being surrounded by loved ones. I loved looking out into the audience, seeing so many faces from different points and places of our lives, all there to celebrate us and shower us with support. It was a humbling and honoring moment. 

Q: What do you remember very vividly?

B: The feelings I was having when standing on stage: feelings of joy, of being lucky, and growing up all mixed in a single moment.

M: I remember our first dance so well. I kept trying to plan and talk his ear off about the rest of the night's schedule and he told me to stop. "We are dancing. We are married. Enjoy this." And just like that, the moment changed; we were together in a very new and wonderful way, just dancing, suspended in time. 

Q: What flew by too quick?

B: The ceremony itself. The rehearsal was longer. It was like it was happening in fast forward.

M: The mingling of the guest tables. Too much catching up to do, not enough time!

Q: Who were your MVPs?

Byron's MVPs
Ryan ironed everything for all the guys. 
Molly for keeping us on schedule.
Toph for keeping everything light hearted.

Maggie's MVPs
Kaytlyn kept me completely calm and hydrated and allowed me to pee (so very difficult to do in such a large dress!).
Maria had unbelievable knowledge of the catering company and knew what to do when. 
My bridesmaids as a whole made me feel amazing and completely stress free

Q: Three words to describe the day?

B: Euphoria? (His voice went up when he said it so I had to add the questions mark but he is sure). Warm fuzzies.

M: best. happiest. ever.