Make a Wish!

by Maggie Griffin

Some of my favorite blogs often post wishlists. Sometimes they do this in conjunction with sponsorship, but more often than not, people just like to share the things they are loving lately, celebrating little lovely things that bring them smiles. I am not sure why I love these posts so, but I think by seeing what people want you learn a little bit about them (perhaps this little notion sparked Pinterest!). I like discovering and trying to decipher who my "friends across the internet" are; it seems to make their blogs more personal, and I love that! 

Today, we are sharing two wishlists, one for our house, with all the things we would love to have if we owned a million dollars, and one for me!, in honor of my upcoming 23rd birthday! I'll spare you the latter list, if you care not, by placing it last. 



Links/Comments for Home:
1. We love this stamp!
2. My favorite mailbox by far! 
3. We think that hose winders might make life easier...

Links/Comments for Maggie's 23rd:  
1. I am slowly becoming more of an adult and a little bit of a fashionista. Last year I became the proud owner of a big girl wallet, and this year I hope to become a proud owner of a blazer. I like this one, this one, and DEFINITELY this one
2. Wanting a new pair of Warby Parker's...I also wish for an eye appointment. 
3. See #1 on becoming an these loafers!
5. Coffee table books. Loving all parisian-esque books and Paul Madonna
6. Looking for stylish wall art & vintage things...we have a bird/love nest theme going on.
7. My favorite calligraphers use this type of pen. Gotta get my hands on one!
*BONUS!* I forgot bubble bath...I could definitely go for some of that girly (Chandler Bing) stuff...scents I like: lavender, vanilla, lemon, ...things that make babies go to sleep.