Oh, Pinterest. I love thee.

by Maggie Griffin

I have conflicting feelings about this post. I held off for so very long, resisting every urge to find out what Pinterest was, denying to myself that it was the perfect social platform. Then, I got married, signed up for it, and my life has changed for the better. Pinterest, I love you. 

A list of our current boards...home decor, food, silliness.

Part of me feels that this should be a love letter to pinterest, or that I should include a poem somewhere because I truly love pinterest THAT MUCH. You really want me to? Ok, ok! I will. A haiku to Pinterest:

Pinterest, friend, love:
ideas, so clever, easy
you make me better

But seriously. Byron and I decided to get a joint account because we are so disgustingly cute, also because he tends to be just as excited about these things as I am. At first, I only wanted to pin things that were in the same genre as our creative fields, photography and hand lettering, and home decor. Then, I saw the food tab and went crazy (Pinterest/meal-planning has solved the inevitable daily debate about what's for dinner! Hooray!) Then, I saw all these crazy helpful things: cleaners for cheap, homemade vs. bought, shelf life of foods.  Then, I saw these crazy cool inventions/hacks, as the kids are calling them. That's when I decided I could become a little to in love with pinterest and I better slow down. 

1. Sponge + Caulk + Handwritten Note = Slice of Birthday Cake Postcard! WHAT?? So cute! Wonder what kind of looks I would get in the post office...must try soon! 
2. Industrial organized mess desk set up. My grandfather had a very similar desk in his home office. Perhaps I can snag it from home and recreate this look in our new house in August?
3. Shelf Life of Food. Pinterest is full of these extremely helpful graphics that answer my most frequently googled questions. 

This post is as much confession as anything else. But I did want to share our favorite things so far, and let you know that you can follow us as we hope to start pinning some of our own things as well! Search Maggie & Byron Griffin or magpieandbee and hopefully you will be able to find us! I am excited to keep pinning things (during my limited half hour of Pinterest, self punishment), and I hope to get Byron even more involved (rather than just getting overly excited and showing him birthday cake postcards). Don't resist...join the fun. Get on pinterest! 

Happy pinning!