Our Gallery Wall

by Maggie Griffin

We made a gallery wall! 

And I made a GIF! (Poll: do you say GIF with a hard G or a soft G, like jif?)  

I am a huge fan of the gallery wall. Last year, my BFF Kaytlyn and I had a gallery wall of only chalkboards. We had so much fun doing and redoing them throughout the year. Chalkboard paint is one of the greatest inventions; you can constantly change up how your space feels with different sayings, lyrics, little drawings and add punches of color, either with different chalkboard paint colors or different chalk!; Plus, friends and family can leave notes and temporarily add their touch to your space. (Then when they leave, you can erase it.) 

Part of the old wall...right after B moved in, we took some pieces down to make room for new furniture. 

Part of the old wall...right after B moved in, we took some pieces down to make room for new furniture. 

This past year, alone in my loft, I created a new gallery wall. I included some of the chalkboards, and added all the meaningful pieces that people had created for me over the years. Gallery Walls aren't especially easy to create. Lots of nailing, stepping back, rearranging; thinking about spacing and balance...but when it is done, nothing makes you feel more at home than having a wall of memories. 

Part of the old wall. This is from one of our engagement shots!

Part of the old wall. This is from one of our engagement shots!

When B entered the picture, we added his furniture, rearranged, and soon I only had a 1/2 gallery wall. Time to rearrange! Byron and I wanted to add pieces that were now meaningful for the both of us. The chalkboards were an easy fix! The album art...not so much. Previously, I had Simon & Garfunkel, Mumford & Sons, and Jack's Mannequin. B didn't love having the faces of Paul and Art staring at all of our guests, so we switched it for the Beatles, and all was resolved. The 2 new pieces worth noting: a poster of cameras from the beginning of photography to now (B's groomsgift). And the matted sketch that my grandmother drew of a picture of my great grandma, Millicent (that's my middle name!). We also added a few lovey dovey pictures of ourselves, and a handwritten type piece I did. 

What you see below is not the final product, but it is close. As a perfectionist, I didn't feel quite right, so we have changed a bit, and added one more piece--a photo canvas from our wedding photographer and friend Molly! Gallery walls have been my favorite part of my last few homes--I can't wait to do one when we move in to the house in August. See my tips below: 


The making of our gallery wall! I have since had Byron rearrange it. Total perfectionist. Come over to see it complete!

Tips for Gallery Walls

1. Pick a central piece and hang that first. It doesn't necessarily have to be the biggest piece, but it should be a larger piece you want to be the main focus!

2. Odd is better than even. This is an all-around decorating tip. It is more appealing and interesting to have an odd number. It is also easier to have things look more collage-y, if there is an odd number.

3. I like to add in a sort of pattern to help with balance. Here, we added to one side then the next, then above, and below, then continued until it was perfect...almost.  

4. I like to have a theme, but this could just be me. Some gallery walls look cool with all sorts of different stuff, but I like to maintaing similar colors or types of pieces. Here, we chose black, white, and gold. 

5. Don't stress. Work with someone you love (or someone who will not be upset when you ask to move the same piece just one more time). Step away from the wall for awhile. I think it's best to give it a day, wake up and look again, make final adjustments and let it be!   

 Have fun! Comment if you have questions or comments!