Plans for a Future

by Maggie Griffin

In May 2015, we bought our home with our sights set on the future, a future that three years later is SLOWLY becoming the present. At the time of purchase, our home was the perfect size for a couple two years into marriage, with thoughts of kids in the far off distance. As we began to near five years of marriage, those thoughts weren't so far away anymore. Last year, we started to think about the potential of a little one running around our house with two big dogs and the house began to fill cramped. In December, we hired an architect to help us dream about what we could turn our little house into and the plans blew us away - it was so much more than we had imagined. 

GRIFFIN Renovation Plans.jpg

Our hope was for a master bedroom and one more additional bedroom on our second floor, and within 24 hours, our architect emailed us the above plans with... a mudroom. a pantry. a patio. a walk-in closet. space for a soaker tub. AND MORE. 

We lived in the dream state of these plans for several months, both of us hesitant and unwilling to begin calling contractors, knowing that it would begin the daunting, exhausting process of renovation. But, wanting these plans to become reality, we... finally made the calls, interviewed contractors, applied for our loan, picked a contractor, worked with the contractor, started moving out of our house, found a temporary place to live, had the contractor back out, lost our motivation to move out of our house, put the loan on hold, called contractors backed, picked a new contractor, felt relieved, reactivated the loan, signed a contract, moved the rest of our stuff to storage, and closed on our loan!!! 

Now we wait for the city and the structural engineer to sign off and approve everything.  We'll move one more time in a few weeks into another temporary location until the house is complete. We can't wait to throw a big party when all is said and done...maybe Halloween, potentially Friendsgiving, most likely Christmas. 

While it's only been 7 months since we first received our plans, it feels like we've been waiting on this process to start forever. We are so excited for "demo day" and to share updates along the way. What would you like to see? What else would you like to know about our renovation process? Let me know in the comments!