Two (appetites) become One (diet).

by Maggie Griffin

This is the second post in our 'two somethings become one something' series. This post could also be titled "Confessions of a Once Strict Vegetarian/Pescatarian." Before marriage, Byron and I had very distinct appetites.

I had been a strict vegetarian-who-eats-fish-/pescatarian. I took this stance after cooking on "cookout night" for a camp-like missions organization during the summer of 2011. I didn't mind the slaughtering of animals; I still don't. I do, however, mind the conditions of the animals pre-slaughter, the way they are slaughtered, and what they are fed. Also, all the grease was icky. 

Byron was a quick meal before/after class, eat out or eat simple at home kinda guy. The more grease on the burger, the better.  

And then we united; and so did our appetites. Byron, being the world's sweetest person (do I boast of him too much on here?), excitedly agreed to begin to live my lifestyle. With each passing month, opportunities where people prepared meat or hosts provided it arose, and we took part. We also would purchase organic meat from the farmer's market or be sent home with organic meat after trips to Dallas. And slowly, overtime, we both became semi-vegetarians-who-only-eat-organic-meat-with-the-occasional-restaurant-splurge-just-because. 

All this to say, meal planning at first as a vegetarian trying to please an omnivore was difficult. With our newfound food consumer status, it is much easier to work in the occasional organic meat dish with our semi-vegetarian diet. Marriage is compromise. Compromise is delicious.

Here are a few favorites from the summer months:  

Zucchini Risotto! Recipe can be found here

This one was DELICIOUS. I had never made risotto, but I watched The Chew and saw this one being made--and we went for it! Success!


You can't see what's under the bun, but it was a sausage burger...take a link and  cut it in half (hotdog style)! Organic, of course.

Classic Frito chili pie! I used to LOVE these during my junior high & high school football concession stand days. So good. Add some avocado!

Oh, man! Kabobs are such a treat. Definitely one of my favorite meals growing up.  We put all of our toppings on a bed of brown rice and ate all that with hummus and lightly grilled pita! This was my favorite meal from the summer!

Honorable mentions, worthy of mere iPhone (and Pinterest) photos go to: quiche & mexican pasta dish & this DELICIOUS gyro with homemade Tzaziki sauce from Pinterest.

We love making meals together. Due to our weekly schedule, Tuesday and Thursday, plus weekends are the days we are most likely to experiment with the lengthier, yummier meals. We would love to cook with you on those nights!  

What have been your favorites meals recently?