Hi, we're Maggie & Byron.  

Maggie is a calligrapher and graphic designer who watches You've Got Mail every year on her birthday, enjoys paying for overpriced coffees, cries when she thinks about puppies, and loves her husband so much.

Byron is a passionate learner and educator who enjoys birding, likes a good Old Fashioned, gets hooked on the silly shows he hates that his wife watches, prefers fries over any other food, and loves his wife so much. 


We are two puppies in love. We got hitched on May 4th,2013. nd we are inviting you to learn more about our lives, the fun things we do, and the lessons we learn. Our Frozen Cake symbolizes all the precious and wonderful things of marriage that we store up. We did a lot in our first year, we learned and we grew together and that has set the pace for the rest of our marriage. 

Whether you are in the same boat as us, floating way down the river, about to jump in, or just swimming by the shore, we hope that the lessons we learn and share will not only be meaningful for us, but translate to you all in a very special way.


Hi, we're Eleanor & Bixby.  

We are the two puppies loved by Maggie and Byron.

Eleanor was the first love of Byron's life and main lady for years before Maggie was in the picture. She was rescued in 2011 by Byron from Operation Kindness in Carrollton, TX. She is full-bred doberman, just pint-sized. Eleanor is the most loyal girl who really understands people's emotions. It took her awhile to warm up to Maggie and even longer for her to accept the idea of sharing Byron, but they are a happy family now.

Bixby is the baby of our family. We rescued Bixby in 2013 from Fuzzy Friends Rescue in Waco, TX. Bixby is the goofiest, clumsiest, sweetest pup around. He is a baby and a really great cuddler. He likes going into the bath to hunt for water and will always be up to something mischievous if you don't keep your eye out.